Smashing Saxons (Horrible Histories)

Smashing Saxons (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 47


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the SMASHING SAXONS, including who got cow pats as Christmas presents, why wearing a pig on your head is lucky and how to make a dead Saxon happy.

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to princes so they would betray their king. Cnut conquered Norway with wallets for weapons. Cnut couldn’t beat Edmund in the war for the English throne, until Ed was betrayed by Mercian lord Eadric. Cnut made peace with Edmund and they swore to be ‘brothers’ … and a few months later Edmund conveniently died. Surely Cnut the ‘Great’ wouldn’t arrange to have a noble ‘brother’ bumped off!?! What do you think? He was a tough nut (and a tough Cnut), but he was a ‘Great’ king – wasn’t he? Saxon

Saxon Times says, ‘If he’s old enough to steal a sheep he’s old enough to swing for it!’ We’ll soon have fourteen- and fifteen- year-olds getting away with murder! The only killer kids who can be executed are those that try to fight their way out of being arrested or who run away. Sadly Ed Med did not try to fight or run so the Maidstone holiday crowds went home disappointed. Of course there wasn’t a Saxon newspaper – there weren’t enough people who could read. But the tale of the hungry

his eyes put out. Yes, both! Not one, but two! He sent the blinded prince away to be a monk in Ely, There the little Alfie died; did Godwin care? Not really. Then Godwin set about the slaying of Alf’s friends. He had them caught and had them brought to really sticky ends. Some he sold as slaves for cash and some he scalped their heads, Others he locked up in chains and some he killed stone dead. Some he had their hands chopped off or arms or legs or ears. No wonder they all fled (or tried

True. The shepherd was given 12 days’ supply of cattle droppings as a special Christmas treat. He could spread it over his fields as fertilizer. Shepherds were also allowed to keep one lamb and one fleece each year in payment. Maybe you’d like to revive this old Saxon custom and give a few buckets of manure to your best friend on Christmas Day? Then again, you may prefer to give it to your worst enemy. 5 False. The Saxons weren’t great scientists but they did know how to test for gold. The king

this. Athelstan didn’t have historians to lie for him so he’s forgotten. But enough of these half-baked jokes. Woeful for women Digging up Saxon graves gives us clues about the different jobs men and women did. For example, women’s graves often contained sewing boxes, so they must have been responsible for the sewing in their household, and it was probably seen as an important job. In Saxon poetry women had a hard life and suffered it without complaining. In the real world it probably wasn’t

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