Sherman's March

Sherman's March

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After General William Tecumseh Sherman took Atlanta in September 1864, General John B. Hood's Army of Tennessee regrouped outside the city and countered the grouped outside the city and countered the Federals by attacking northwest, toward Chattanooga. Rebuffed at Allatoona, Hood withdrew into Alabama as Sherman initiated his grand strategy: Leaving General George H. Thomas in Tennessee to deal with Hood, Sherman led his forces from Atlanta on a march southeastward to the sea.

Hampton Roads 1862: Clash of the Ironclads (Campaign, Volume 103)
















flowers. man's One of Sher- officers (left) doffs his hat to disdainful ladies of the plantation in this painting Small details surprised by at their Thomas Nast. work by tachments of Wheeler's cavalry had to de- fight furiously to escape. If captured, the Federals were often summarily executed. During the march, the bodies of diers 64 Union at least were found hanged, shot in the close range or with their throats sol- head slit, at often with signs pinned to their

scouts, "their horses white with foam, flashed by shouting a 'goodbye'," Miss Cooper wrote. havior The out to be scribed as "a huge octopus his long first of the Federal troops were not far from the such be- city's residents at — the "vandals suffering and desAnna olation behind them," wrote Maria Green — the damage done to Milleft diarist ledge ville was minor. erals were planning to Rumors that the Fed- burn the place turned although the arsenal and am- false, behind.

River, near Vicksburg, Mississippi; at right, a scene of Federal guns at Vicksburg. him of whom are pictured here). The children brought out Sherman's was his oldest son and namesake, William Tecumseh Jr. gentler side. His favorite In 1863, tragedy struck the family. Elat- ed by the capture of Vicksburg in July, Sherman urged Ellen to visit him at his camp there with the four oldest children. During the happy reunion, Willy, aged nine, caught typhoid fever and died. The death devastated

recalled with delight, "was to us all a source of infinite Confederacy's most important supply cen- pleasure during our sojourn." Reviews were people renewed faith that the conflict could held almost every day, the various units be won. This scuttled the Democratic Party, days, and kept playing, by order of the marching proudly in front of the redheaded commander whom the veterans had nicknamed Uncle Billy. The troops had good reason to celebrate. They had survived a long, difficult

general exchange of invalid captives. After this mission of mercy, the Confederate steamer Ida (center) resumed her role as flagship of the Savannah River Squadron, only to be disabled by Sherman's artillery on Hit December 10 and destroyed. one occasion a persistent Confeder- but others were mere depressions hastily effective. there handfuls of intrepid Confederates had billowing from their stacks, On gun began to bang away at the marchers, and Sherman walked forward in a railroad cut

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