Selected Works: John Wilmot

Selected Works: John Wilmot

John Wilmot, H. Frank Ellis

Language: English

Pages: 174

ISBN: 2:00249350

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

While living a life of reckless debauchery and sexual adventuring, Rochester produced comic verse, scurrilous satires, and highly explicit erotica. His Selected Works, edited by Frank H. Ellis and now available from Penguin Classics, show him to be one of the wittiest and most complex poets of the seventeenth century. With endless literary disguises, rhymes and alliteration, humor and humanity, Rochester's poems hold up a mirror to the extravagances and absurdities of his age.

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does teeming nature hoard In her great store-house where she lays her treasure? Alas, ’tis all the shadow of a pleasure; 5No true content in all her works are found, No solid joys in all earth’s spacious round For labouring man, who toils himself in vain, Eagerly grasping what creates his pain. How false and feeble, nay scarce worth a name 10Are riches, honour, power, and babbling fame. Yet ’tis, for these men wade through seas of blood, And bold in mischief, storm to be

debate That perfects or destroys the vast designs of state, When they have racked the politician’s breast, 35Within thy bosom most securely rest And when reduced to thee are least unsafe and best. But Nothing, why does Something still permit That sacred monarchs should at council sit With persons thought, at best, for nothing fit, 40While weighty Something modestly abstains From princes’ coffers and from statesman’s brains; And nothing there like stately Nothing reigns. Nothing, that

Thomas Hearne, Reliquiae Hearnianae, ed. Philip Bliss, 2nd ed., 3 vols. (1869). RES Review of English Studies, 1925–50, n.s., 1950– . Righter 1968 Anne Righter, Chatterton Lecture, Proceedings of the British Academy 53 (1968), 47–69. Rochester 1680 Poems on Several Occasions by the Right Honourable, the E. of R— (1680). Rochester 1680 falls into three parts: 16801 (pp. 3–54) includes 15 satires and translations of which 11 are Rochester’s; 16802 (pp. 54–75) includes 23 songs of which 20 are

5She blushed to be encountered so And chid the amorous swain, But as she strove to rise and go, He pulled her down again. A sudden passion seized her heart 10In spite of her disdain, She found a pulse in every part And love in every vein. ’Ah, youth,’ quoth she, ’what charms are these That conquer and surprise? 15Ah, let me, for unless you please, I have no power to rise.’ She faintly spoke and trembling lay For fear he should comply, But virgins’ eyes their hearts betray 20And

themselves and grunt, May’st thou to ravenous chancres be a prey, Or in consuming weepings waste away. May strangury and stone thy days attend; May’st thou ne’er piss who didst refuse to spend 70hen all my joys did on false thee depend. And may ten thousand abler pricks agree To do the wronged Corinna right for thee. On King Charles In the isle of Great Britain long since famous grown For breeding the best cunts in Christendom, There reigns, and oh, long may he reign and thrive, The

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