Selby Shattered (Selby, Book 14)

Selby Shattered (Selby, Book 14)

Duncan Ball

Language: English

Pages: 65

ISBN: 0207200661

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Search for Selby Society is hot on his trail and eager to tell the world his secret. And, as if that isn't bad enough, there are shipwrecks, evil curses, ghostly gagsters and - worst of all - the Triple Terror out to get him. Oh woe woe woe - what is a dog to do? Read this book and see!

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fear on the boys’ faces. ‘Y-Yes, C-C-Cindy,’ Willy said. ‘I’ll do anything you say.’ ‘Me too,’ Billy said. ‘What’s going on here?’ Selby wondered. ‘Remember,’ Cindy added, ‘we’re guests in the Trifles’ house so you will both have to behave.’ ‘We will. Honest,’ the boys said together. ‘All right then,’ said Mindy. ‘That way nothing will get broken.’ ‘And neither of you will be hurt,’ Lindy added. ‘I can’t believe it!’ Selby thought. ‘Those monsters are as tame as kittens. It’s got to be an

jumble of letters tumbled around in Selby’s head like Scrabble squares in a cyclone as his mouth tried to make the right words. Then, in a split second, his lips moved and out came a cry that sounded like, ‘Don’t you dare do that!’ The girls stopped and spun around. ‘That dog talked!’ Cindy cried. ‘Yeah, he did!’ Lindy cried. ‘I heard it too!’ Mindy cried. Suddenly the door flew open and in came the Trifles followed by Melanie Mildew and the council workers. ‘What is this?!’ Mrs Trifle

Selby Society and how they were trying to find him?’ ‘How could I ever forget that,’ Selby thought. ‘Oh yes, I remember,’ Mrs Trifle said. ‘Well, I’m not going to call the dog in my story Selby. I’ll name him after our own dear Selby instead.’ ‘This is getting worse by the minute!’ Selby thought. ‘That’s funny,’ Dr Trifle said. ‘While you were talking, Selby’s ears were up as if he was listening to us. Look, now they’re not.’ ‘Can’t a dog do anything around here any more?’ Selby thought.

cries were muffled by earplugs and lost in the skuuuurrrrreeeexxx! of Dr Trifle’s invention and the hummmmmmmmm of Shawn’s shears. ‘Did you say something?’ asked Mrs Trifle, as Shawn the shearer sent the shorn Selby sliding down the chute. ‘Hey, that was a weird one.’ ‘It didn’t look like a sheep at all,’ Dr Trifle agreed. ‘It looked more like a … a goat or something.’ ‘One thousand sheep in eight hours! I’m the champion!’ Shawn screamed with joy. ‘Thanks to you, Dr Trifle.’ And so it was

that Selby found himself herded up a ramp by the sheep dogs and squeezed into the middle of a huge threedecker sheep truck. A very tired Shawn climbed into the cab. ‘Where are you taking them?’ Dr Trifle asked. ‘A few kilometres from here,’ Shawn the shearer said. ‘Better grass over there.’ ‘Bring them to our place,’ Dr Trifle said with a laugh. ‘It’ll save me cutting the lawn.’ As the truck pulled away, Selby heard the Trifles calling for him. ‘Come on, Selby,’ Mrs Trifle sang out. ‘Time to

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