Sea Horses

Sea Horses

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tamzin Weston unwittingly releases the evil spirit of the Grey Horse, who has been trapped inside a small statue for hundreds of years. Her mistake threatens to bring perpetual storms and danger. Only Tamzin can put things right and bring balance back to nature. To do this she must find and enlist the spirit of the Blue Horse, a force for good, who has battled and overcome the Grey Horse once before.

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could reply, Mrs Beck said, ‘Lisa, there'll be plenty of time for that later, whatever it is. Come on, or you'll be the only one without an idea – and we want to win the prize for the most sales, don't we!’ Tamzin meant to talk to Nan about Mrs Beck's suggestion when she got home. But Nan was busy in her studio, and then it was tea time, and then Baggins bolted his food and was sick on the sitting-room carpet, and then there was a good programme on TV. So, with one thing and another, she hadn't

I want you to promise me that you won't touch it.’ Tamzin nodded. ‘I promise.’ ‘Cross your heart?’ Tamzin was surprised. Adults didn't usually say things like that, but from the look on Nan's face it was clear that a simple promise wasn't enough. She was waiting, and uneasily Tamzin nodded again. ‘Cross my heart,’ she repeated solemnly. ‘Good.’ Nan looked relieved. ‘Well, it's getting late; time you were in bed. Would you like some hot milk before you go?’ She was deliberately changing the

through the room and she seemed to hear an eerie, bell-like sound that was almost like a horse neighing shrilly. She stood frozen, staring down in horror at the smashed statue. The light and the sound had gone in an instant but she was certain she hadn't imagined them. What did they mean? What had she done? Desperately she dropped to a crouch and started to scrabble for the broken fragments, trying to gather them all up. There were so many; she'd never find them all, she'd never – ‘Tamzin?’

meddling little fool!’ In two strides Nan was across the floor. Tamzin thought she was going to grab her arm and shake her, but she didn't. Instead she knelt down and started frantically to collect more fragments. ‘Help me!’ she snarled. ‘Pick them up! All of them. Make sure you get every single one!’ Almost in tears, Tamzin did as she was told. She was as frightened by Nan as she had been by the weird incident. But Nan didn't shout at her again. Instead, a stormy silence hung over the room as

almost before she realized what she was doing, Tamzin did tell him. Joel listened as she described how she had broken the statue, and how Nan had reacted. As she finished she pulled out the fragment she had found in her pocket, saying, ‘I'm supposed to have picked up every piece. So I'll have to take this back to Nan before she finds out it's missing, or I'll be in trouble all over again.’ She held the fragment out to show him. Moonlight had been standing quietly, half dozing in the way that

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