Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery)

Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery)

Laura Childs

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0425246647

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is attending the Heritage Society's Pirates and Plunder show when a histroy intern is murdered amidst the gold earrings and doubloons. Even with that on her plate, Theodosia still has to attend Charleston's Food and Wine Festival, where she's hosting a tea and cheese tasting. But as her thoughts keep drifting to the victim, Theodosia knows she'll have to whet her investigative skills to find the killer among a schooner of suspects.

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to her head. "It's just so very difficult to think," she mumbled. "Try," said Theodosia. But Nadine clamped her lips together and refused to answer any more questions. Theodosia was sitting at her desk in the back office, pondering the clutter atop her desk, sipping a cup of chamomile tea, when Timothy Neville called. "I did manage to find a few bits of paperwork," Timothy told her. "Paperwork . . ." Theodosia said, struggling to put his words into context. "Concerning the skull cup," said

Theodosia couldn't resist. "Then why don't you serve a Darjeeling from India's Namring Garden," she suggested. "It's so brisk it'll keep her puckered up for a good long time!" "The cheeses have arrived," said Haley. She'd slipped out into the tea room, where three tables of customers were sipping afternoon tea and enjoying her raisin scones. "Huh?" said Drayton, looking up from a tin of Egyptian chamomile tea. He'd been studying the label and contemplating placing another order. "Guy just

working." She stopped, scratched her head, and said, "Does that make sense?” “Yes and no," said Theodosia. "Anyway," said Haley, "look at you, standing there all casual and slightly bedraggled! You'd better run upstairs and change. I'd say you've got twenty minutes at best!" "Scoot," said Miss Dimple, falling under the spell of Haley's rush-rush mode. "We'll take care of everything else.” “How can I ever repay you?" Theodosia asked, hurrying up the stairs. "Not to worry," Haley shouted out,

people's feelings?" "I don't know," said Drayton, "but I wouldn't hold out for a reserved box seat in heaven." 19 By nine o'clock, the event was winding down. Crumbles of cheese littered the tables and floor, as if so many cadres of crazed mice had staged a mighty raid. Teapots sat everywhere, their contents now just soggy dregs. And a dozen or so people hung around the Indigo Tea Shop, chatting and mingling, not wanting the night to end. Delaine had exited stage left a long time ago.

thing, the proper thing to do. And realized there really wasn't a proper thing per se. She tapped her index finger against her phone, wondering what was the emotionally honest thing to do? She surprised herself by dialing Max's number. He wasn't there, but she left a voice mail. Maybe, hopefully, they could connect tonight. After this whole skull thing was finished. After the trap had been sprung. She turned as she heard footsteps nearby. "I did a little research on island fortresses," said

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