Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure

Willard Price

Language: English

Pages: 259

ISBN: 0099482282

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hal and Roger Hunt fly straight into the jaws of death when they join warden Mark Crosby in Tsavo, an African park where poaching is big business. And with a gang leaving behind a blood-stained trail of terror and torture, the heat is on for the brothers to solve the string of mysterious murders -- before they too become victims.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel (Serge Storms Mystery, Book 2)

The Isle of Blood (The Monstrumologist, Book 3)

Tuck (King Raven, Book 3)

The Four Feathers

Over the Edge: The True Story of the Kidnap and Escape of Four Climbers in Central Asia


















really a purr. It was a purr to end all purrs. It made as much noise as a truck going uphill. But whether the truck-like purr was friendly or unfriendly, Roger still could not be sure. The motor stopped and so did the cheetah. He cocked his head to one side and his blazing eyes seemed to look straight through the boy. Then an amazing sound came from his throat. You might have expected to hear the bark of a dog. But instead this was an ear-splitting ‘miaow’! It was followed by a few little

its head on the wall at home to impress his friends, is apt to be out of luck. He is not likely to see a leopard, since it is a night animal. He gets tired of hunting for one. He finds it much simpler to go into a store in Nairobi and buy a head. Then he can take it home and mount it and claim that he shot it, and who will know the difference? Here was a fortune in leopard heads. They would never get to the walls of would-be killers. Beside them was another fortune - a carpet of cheetah skins

hat!’ exclaimed Roger. ‘Is it kind to the animals to let a gang of killers loose on them?’ They walked slowly down the street. Roger, irritated because his brother refused to think ill of the judge, stopped short. ‘Look here. We’ll do some detective work. You say he’s an angel and he’s just trying to be good to the Africans. I say he’s a devil and he’s working with Blackbeard. We’ll just see who’s right’ Hal smiled and said nothing. He had a suspicion that they were both wrong. There must be

The okapi has been called a living fossil. Most animals change, grow larger, or smaller, or become extinct. The okapi has stayed the same all that time. But now the poachers are after him and the chances are that very soon this thirty-million-year-old beauty will disappear.’ ‘Where can we take him where he’ll be safe?’ ‘Nowhere,’ said Crosby gloomily. ‘Nowhere will be safe. But there is a place that the poachers haven’t found yet and perhaps won’t for a while. It’s a big island in Lake

up.’ ‘I’m afraid not. It will just get worse. Anyhow, one of us should stay here to look after the plane.’ ‘Why does it need looking after? What could happen to it?’ ‘Lots of things. A poacher might come on it and steal everything he could pry loose. Rhinos and elephants can get mighty curious. They completely wrecked a stalled plane up in Murchison a month ago. Hyenas have a taste for rubber - they’ll eat the tyres off the wheels if you give them a chance. You can help most by staying right

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