Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space

Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space

Sue Limb, Bernice Lum

Language: English

Pages: 43


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ruby Rogers is about to turn ten. She wants to be a gangster when she grows up. She also wants nothing more than a tree house for her birthday. Problem is, there aren't any trees in her garden, and her family laugh off the idea. Ruby's furious, but then life takes a turn for the better when, through her best friend Yasmin, she meets Holly Helvellyn, a super-cool Gothic girl who's friends with Yasmin's older sister. It turns out Holly rather fancies Ruby's older brother Joe - the brooding artist in the sixth-form who has a strange habit of talking in newspaper headlines.

One day Holly asks Ruby to steal something from Joe's bedroom for a joke, setting off a chain of events that culminate in some very unexpected but pleasant surprises...

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rather have had my own tree house rather than having to share one with loads of other kids I’d never met before, but I didn’t want to sound ungrateful. After that we had a pizza in the open-air café, and then we went home. Yasmin and I were so tired, we slept all the way back in the car. We woke up when the car stopped and the engine was switched off. ‘Wakey, wakey, girls!’ said Mum. ‘We’re home!’ We yawned and stretched and blinked. It was still light, of course. Having my birthday in the

They had staged the biggest surprise. When I had said this had been the best birthday ever, I’d had no idea this was waiting for me. I climbed up the rope ladder and crawled into the tree house. There was a mattress in there, all made up as a bed, and the monkeys were in there, looking rather surprised. Yasmin climbed up too, clumsily as usual. She nearly fell off. Then we sat down inside the tree house together. It even had a kind of thatched roof. There were a couple of windows to look out

at me. They’ll be back at lunchtime. You can see for yourself.’ I couldn’t wait for lunchtime. I helped Yasmin tidy her room. We even arranged all Yasmin’s dolls in rows. ‘Wanna play snakes and ladders?’ asked Yasmin. ‘Couldn’t we play gangsters?’ I asked. Yasmin frowned. ‘Last time we played gangsters my mum was cross afterwards,’ she said, ‘because of the dolls being thrown about everywhere and the curtains being on the floor.’ ‘Look, it was a major crime scene,’ I said. ‘You can’t use

‘Yasmin’s share is going to help the children in Africa.’ Uh-oh! If Yasmin was helping children in Africa, but I was collecting money for myself, it made me feel as if I was horrid and selfish. I was really sorry for the children in Africa, but I so wanted my tree house. ‘I’ve got to go and work upstairs for a liddle while,’ said Yasmin’s mum. ‘Why don’t you start with Mrs Fisher opposite?’ Yasmin’s mum gave us buckets of soapy water and rags and sponges, and we went out. ‘We clean one car at

again in my entire life.’ My heart sank. It seemed as if the tree house fund was a complete failure. Chapter 10 You look like a film star! I didn’t mind stopping really. To be honest, I was tired and hungry myself. As we went back to Yasmin’s house, we met Zerrin and Holly coming back from work. ‘We’ve been washing cars,’ I said. ‘We’ve earned fifty pence.’ ‘Wow! Good work!’ said Holly. She made it sound like a triumph instead of a disaster. Jacket potatoes were on the menu, with a

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