Riotous Assembly

Riotous Assembly

Tom Sharpe

Language: English

Pages: 249

ISBN: 0871131439

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Offering all the qualities of his general bestselling fiction, this is Tom Sharpe's blazing satire of South African apartheid, companion to Indecent Exposure.

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din of battle on the landing increased. Above her head a fountain of tiles hurtled up into the air under the impact of the machine-gun bullets and crashed back on the roof like enormous hailstones. Miss Hazelstone gave up her attempt to peer through the fog of plaster and went back into the bedroom. It was immediately apparent to her that here too something had gone astray. The room was pitch dark and some large object was completely obscuring the view of the Park she had previously enjoyed from

be some people in the world in even worse plights, though he couldn’t think who they were or what they were suffering. “I shall bear my tribulations gladly and my soul will be renewed,” he said smugly and gave himself up to meditation. Kommandant van Heerden had come to quite different conclusions. He had borne enough tribulations in the past twenty-four hours to last him a lifetime. He knew now that there were three things he never wanted to see again. Rubber nightdresses, Sergeant de Kock and

deceptive. Opened by Sir Theophilus in 1897, the Viceroy had complimented the architect in his speech at the unveiling of the flogging post for “creating in this building a sense of security it is hard to find in the world today”, a remark which, coming as it did from a man in whom a sense of insecurity was so manifest, spoke for itself. Sir Theophilus’ enthusiasm was not shared by most of the people who entered Piemburg Prison. Notorious throughout South Africa for the severity of its warden,

Barotse while the poor bastard was asleep was hardly likely to hesitate when it came to killing a Zulu cook. “Well, all we need now is a nice tidy confession,” he said. “I’ll expect you to have it on my desk in the morning.” Luitenant Verkramp shrugged. “If you require it so quick you had better ask Els. My methods require that the prisoner be kept awake for at least three days and with a hardened professional like this fellow it will probably take more.” “I can’t ask Els. We can’t have a

memories of the Park were quite different from those of the Kommandant. “It’s a bloody awful place, and you’ve done enough harm up there already,” said the Kommandant. “You keep your nose out of it, do you hear me?” and Els had vented his anger by bullying some black convicts in the prison yard. That evening Kommandant van Heerden decided to make a spot check on the road blocks around Piemburg. He was beginning to suspect that his enforced absence from the outside world was having a bad effect

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