Revolutionary Pamphlets

Revolutionary Pamphlets

Peter Kropotkin

Language: English

Pages: 159

ISBN: 0405087209

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is the best introduction to Kropotkin's ideas that I have read and it even gives a somewhat unbiased definition of anarchism that Kropotkin had written for the Encyclopedia Britannica. Since it is a series of pamphlets that Kropotkin had written, and was originally intended for the specific purpose of informing and winning the support of the public, it is presented in a clear, concise, and easily digestable fashion, without pretense.

Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal


















Federation, frankly anarchist, was broken up by the Swiss authorities following anarchist assassinations in Europe, with which of course it had no connection. After the killing of Czar Alexander II in 1 8 8 r, Kropotkin was expelled from Switzerland, doubtless at the instance of the Russian Government, which always kept close watch on him through its secret agents. The Russian Holy League, organ­ ized to defend the Czar's regime, often threatened him with death. Finding refuge again in England,

degraded. But as servitude disappears we shall regain our rights. We shall feel within ourselves strength to hate and to love even in such complicated cases as that we have just cited. • In our daily life we do already give free scope to our feel­ ings of sympathy or antipathy; we are doing so every mo­ ment. We all love moral strength, we all despise moral weakness and cowardice. Every moment our words looks smiles express our joy in seeing actions useful to the 'huma race, those which we think

destroy one another every day. if they last millions of years, it is because they represent an ANARCHISM: ITS PHILOSOPHY AND IDEAL UI equilibrium that has taken millions o f centuries to establish as a resultant of millions of blind forces. 1£ continents are not continually destroyed by volcanic shocks it is because they have taken thousands and thousands of centuries to build up, molecule by molecule, and to take their present shape. But lightning will only last an instant; because it

produced and at the same time copi- 1.28 KROPOTKIN'S REVOLUTIONARY PAMPHLETS Gusly nourish the swarm of idlers who live upon their work. The very essence of the present economic system is that the worker can never enjoy the well-being he has produced. and that the number of those who H'Ie at his expense will always augment. The more a coun1:ry is advanced in in­ ust:'-'Y' the more �his number grows. Inevitably, industry 18 directed, and will have to be directed, not towards what is needed to

the present time. so GROWTH OF ANARC:HIST IDEAS From the remotest, stone-age antiquity, men must have realized the evils that resulted from letting some of them acquire personal authority-even if they were the most intel­ ligent, the bravest, or the wisest. Consequently they devel- MODERN SCIENCE AND ANARCHISM IS9 oped in the primitive clan. the village community, the medieval guild (neighbors' guilds, arts and crafts' guilds, traders', hunters', and so on) , and finally in the free me­

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