Revenge of the Phantom Furball #2 (Undead Pets)

Revenge of the Phantom Furball #2 (Undead Pets)

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0448477963

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Disaster strikes when Bonsai the pug chases Pickle the cat into the street, where she is flattened by a car. But the fact that Pickle has (almost) shuffled off her mortal coil isn’t her biggest concern; she is worried that Bonsai will pursue her sister Pebble into an early grave too, unless she and Joe teach the dog a lesson…

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“Four–three! Four–three!” he sang, while Pickle scampered behind them, trying to keep up, her bandage trailing along the ground. Every so often she’d yowl, “Wait for me, Joe!” But Joe ignored her. He’d had enough of being the Protector of Undead Pets. He needed to find a way of undoing the wish on the amulet. “By the way,” said Matt. “Can I come round to your house tomorrow? My aunt and uncle are visiting and I don’t want to get stuck playing with my cousins!” Joe grinned. He knew how much

Pickle, who was now rubbing her head against his legs, trying to get his attention. “This’ll cheer you up,” said Mum, pulling a postcard out of the back pocket of her jeans and handing it to Joe. “It’s from Uncle Charlie.” Joe felt a shiver of excitement. After trawling the internet and finding no information on how to reverse the wish he’d made on the Amulet of Anubis, he’d sent Uncle Charlie an email asking him for help with the undead pet problem. Maybe this was his reply! Maybe he knew a

her eyes wide with terror at the noise. “Have you been stroking dogs in the park?” Mum asked, rubbing her nose. “Something seems to be making me—” And then she sneezed so loudly it was like a car had backfired! It was too much for Pickle. She took off like a bullet, racing down the path and disappearing through Joe’s front door. Joe sighed. Great! That’s all I need, he thought. Another undead pet that sets off Mum’s allergies! CHAPTER FOUR “Pickle?” Joe whispered, peering into the dining

hood. “Make him stop! Make him stop!” But before Joe could do anything, the front door opened and a girl came running out. “Maya!” yowled Pickle. The girl tied to shoo the pup away from the tree. But he seemed to think it was a game, and bounded around her feet excitedly. “Leave her alone, Bonsai!” she yelled, sounding close to tears. “Do something, Joe!” Pickle howled. Joe spotted a ball lying in the shrubbery and leaned over the wall to grab it. “Hey, Bonsai! Good dog, over here!” “What

away with all his fibs! “You see, Joe invited me round to his house later today, so it would probably be easier if I just went with him now.” Joe had totally forgotten. He had said Matt could come round to his house to escape his young cousins. He looked at his friend’s desperate face and nodded. “That’s right, Mr Adams. I did invite Matt round today.” Matt’s dad shrugged. “OK, fine, but call your mum first, Joe.” He dialled home and his mum answered. “Hi, Mum,” he said. He wasn’t very good

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