Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksberg to Chancellors

Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksberg to Chancellors

Time-Life Books

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 2:00269517

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Time-Life Civil War Series 13 of 27

A gripping, comprehensive account of the Civil War, including eyewitness testimony, profiles of key personalities, period photographs, illustrations and artifacts, and detailed battle maps. Fully researched, superbly written.

The Time Civil War Series is a great comprehensive overview of the the Civil War from the causes up through reconstruction. Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksburg to Chancellorsville is a essential part of this series as this is the period when Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was at its best, not only defeating the Army of the Potomac, but literally fighting circles around them despite being at an extreme numerical disadvantage.

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and the desperate. Next came Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher's Irish Brigade. The men, few minutes would be permanently etched in advancing followed Kimball's action. In that formation was the 4th memory. The men marched up into New at the double-quick, carried a the hill green flag and wore green sprigs in their caps shoulder to shoulder, with compressed lips to celebrate their heritage. his and alive with the flashes of guns, and rent the Irishmen of Colonel

had the highest priority on the Federal rail lines. These civilian employees took orders only from Haupt, who in turn told them: "The railroad is entirely under your control. No military officer has any right to interfere with it." At Stoneman's Station, outside Falmouth, Virginia, commissary wagons 20 line up at the quartermaster's freight-car office (left) to load provisions recently arrived by rail. Frustrations down the Line In November of 1862, Herman Haupt in- formed Major

Hooker; to him went north went command of the The Army of the Potomac. choice was a surprising one, in view of Hooker's intemperate remarks about his predecessor and about the need for a dictator country's helm. But Lincoln had to President insisted that Burnside's services at the were needed elsewhere and refused name someone, and he knew that among the various candidates Hooker had one compel- his resignation yielded, and to accept from the Army. Burnside assumed command of the

Furnace, and two divisions of Daniel Sickles' Federal HI Corps attacked Federal right must be turned, Lee said, and during the advance. Indeed, Couch and its" This a map he concealed Seated on hardtack boxes in the woods near Chancellorsville, Generals Lee (left) and Jackson quietly make plans to divide their forces and attack Hooker's Federals. Lee holds a map, drawn by Jackson's topographical officer, that charts the con- cealed route to Hooker's right flank. i k 1 ^T^ V CORPS

fighting resumed. Earlier in the evening, in fact, he But danger of him from both in a cavalry had been cut off for a time by a Confederate probe. As esced to his instant demotion. As he wrote later, "I vice was satisfied the demanded good of the ser- it." 141 A Costly Triumph All through the night, Stuart reorganized the Confederate lines to prepare for a re- newed attack west of Chancellorsville the next morning. Most of Rodes's battered division fell back to Dowdall's

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