Ramage's Signal (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 11)

Ramage's Signal (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 11)

Dudley Pope

Language: English

Pages: 284

ISBN: 1590130081

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Calypso and her captain, Lord Nicholas Ramage, venture further into the French-dominated waters of the Mediterranean on an Admiralty mission to sink, burn, and destroy. Aiming to confuse and distract the enemy, Ramage and his men find themselves isolated and outnumbered as they take on the might of Napoleon's fleet.

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was puzzled for a moment, and then realized that a signal to Aspet would have to be reversed, as though seen in a mirror, for Le Chesne to read it properly. The three seamen and Orsini were examining the ropes and the shutters, and Ramage pointed out the reason for the different positions for the red numbers and the yellow. Then Orsini found a ladder fixed to the framework and leading up to the small platform which, as the sun rose, they could now see quite clearly fixed on top. Orsini scrambled

steering on that.” “You may have to come up a point at the last moment—” “Sir—look at the Muscade!” Stafford was calling urgently from the hatch and Ramage looked over to find Southwick’s brig drawing aft and heeling over to larboard. No, not just drawing aft but being left astern! She was listing, not heeling; the end of her main-yard must be almost in the water. Had she sprung a sudden leak? Was she capsizing? But even as he watched, almost rigid with apprehension, Ramage saw she was up by

seesaw. Ramage watched Southwick examine the mountains of Languedoc with his telescope and then pick up his quadrant, holding it horizontal to measure the angles between three of them and noting down the figures. He looked at the chart as the Master put the quadrant away in its baize-lined mahogany box and guessed he must be using Mount Caroux, a second peak just east of Montpellier which was not named, and another anonymous one (as far as the chart was concerned) north-west of Minerve. “Just

gave a sniff to indicate his irritation. “We’ll never know that now, unless the Moniteur reports it. That’s the worst of blowing a ship to pieces; one doesn’t get prisoners.” The boats left the Calypso and went to the anchored merchant ships. Ramage, thoroughly exasperated by the gunner, had given him those carrying powder but, weakening at the last moment, had told him he could scuttle them instead of blowing them up. Ramage had noticed that at the north end of the gulf, to leeward of several

strength or direction; indeed, with the sky blue and dappled with small white clouds and the sun still hot, he was reminded of Trade wind conditions. The Mediterranean weather was being kind when the convoy needed it to be at its most treacherous. Aitken watched the Caroline dropping back into position and had to admit that Orsini was ingenious, particularly considering his age. Was he sixteen yet? The idea might not save them, but certainly it was their only chance. The French frigate was

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