Ramage's Challenge (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 15)

Ramage's Challenge (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 15)

Dudley Pope

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 159013012X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Admiralty spies are hunting for British officers and allies trapped on the mainland, among them Ramage's first love, Gianna, the Marchesa di Volterra. Ramage returns to the Tuscan coast, where Bonaparte holds a group of hostages for an unknown fate.

Raising the Dead

War of the Werelords (Wereworld, Book 6)

Crooked Hills

Revealed (The Missing, Book 7)


















secret, sir, that you had neither seen a shot fired in anger nor heard one until the Calypso fired at that French frigate.” Yes, it was nasty, it was probably unfair, and it was many other things, but it was necessary, and, Sir Henry had said to him privately afterwards, Cargill had asked for it. Had he kept his mouth shut, everything would have gone off smoothly, but once again Cargill had wanted to play soldiers, and this time the result could be not only disastrous for the Calypsos, but

Orvieto. His strongest memories were white dust and thirst…. Still, Pitigliano was about thirty miles south of Monte Amiata—which was by far the highest mountain around and perhaps a dozen miles from the foothills of Mount Elmo, so in daylight there were some unmistakable reference points. No problem, signore—except that Pitigliano must also be about thirty miles from the coast … miles covered, presumably, by French mounted patrols as well as gendarmes and Italian farmers and villagers, who

himself by saying to Kenton, “I should be reporting to you.” “Thank you, Mr Southwick,” the youth said gravely, and gave the order to furl the fore-topsail. Then, turning to Ramage, he said, “I’d be glad if you’d repeat my instructions in front of Mr Southwick, sir, because if I have to carry them out, I know they might not sit well with him.” Southwick gave one of his sniffs, one which Ramage interpreted to mean: the orders of my superiors always sit well with me. However, Ramage could well

I’d hang the hostages one at a time from the battlements.” “Exactly,” Ramage said. “Which leaves us back with our only weapons: guile, cunning, and deception. We’re in the same position as a married woman’s lover: it’s all right to cuckold the husband, but he must never find out—or at least not until long after the affair is over. I’m talking from the lover’s point of view, of course.” “And because I don’t speak French or Italian, and because I’m a bit broad in the beam these days, sir, I

on the battlements. Still having their siesta, I expect. No hostages to guard … sleep, eat, play cards, and read the Moniteur. I wonder how many of them can actually read?” “About the same percentage as our seamen, I expect,” Aitken said. “A few minutes’ listening to someone reading from the Moniteur can’t be much of an incentive to the illiterate dullards to take lessons!” By now the men on the quarterdeck had removed the small wedge-shaped drawers which fitted into the slots round the

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