Psion Beta (Psion series #1)

Psion Beta (Psion series #1)

Jacob Gowans

Language: English

Pages: 372

ISBN: 1456362682

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sammy, a 14-year-old fugitive, accidentally discovers he has the powers of a Psion.

Plucked off the streets, he is thrust into the rigorously-disciplined environment of Psion Beta headquarters. As a new Beta, Sammy must hone his newfound abilities using holographic fighting simulations, stealth training missions, and complex war games. His fellow trainees are other kids competing to prove their worth so they can graduate and contribute to the war effort.

But the stifling competition at headquarters isolates Sammy from his peers. Learning to use his incredible powers is difficult enough, but when things go horribly wrong on a routine training mission, he must rely on the other Betas to stay alive.

The Silent War is at a tipping point; even one boy can be the difference.

But to do so, he must survive.

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Prisoners of Perfection

















past the spot where the two scouts were hidden. “They’re here!” Sammy heard Martin Trector shout. Spying around the corner again, Sammy saw Kobe, Kaden, and Al fanned out, blasting shots at Parley von Pratt, Martin Trector, and Jeffie. Parley and Martin held their own fairly well, but Jeffie, in her inexperience, struggled to stand her ground. Sammy squelched an urge to rush in and help her. Al dove under a blast sent by Martin, aimed low at Jeffie, and knocked her off her feet. It gave Sammy

corner of the sim room. Sammy relished the feeling of adrenaline flooding his system—his breathing quickened, his reflexes sharpened, and his heart drummed a rock song in his chest. Still shrouded in darkness, the figure fired his weapon at Sammy. Sammy recognized the noise and identified the weapon immediately. Using a blast shield, he easily deflected the bullets. He continued to use the shield until he drew close enough to see the figure better. It was a man with strawberry blond hair and a

thought of himself working with Kobe in a dangerous situation, he decided they might be able to maintain a civil relationship. “Ok, Al, I’ll do that.” “Great. I’ll see you tomorrow morning in sim room five.” He watched Al leave and wondered what he’d just gotten himself into. Teaching? Me? Q q q “I still can’t believe it!” Brickert exclaimed as he tried to push more cheesecake into Sammy’s hands. Brickert always looked for reasons to solemnize an occasion with extra desserts. “I mean, I

down a lonely dinner, he ran up to the sim room to find everyone already there and waiting for him. The sim room was much larger than Sammy’s normal training space. He wondered if it was designated specifically for this type of use. Everyone became quiet as Al spoke. “We have two solid weeks to run through the most accurate simulations Command can give us before we go to Rio. We’ll be branching out to different sim rooms to work out the finer points of your individual assignments. But today

choice. The screams of some of the Thirteens behind them were getting louder. Sammy became aware of the warm air radiating from the hot field. It was surprisingly palpable, causing beads of sweat to race down his forehead onto his nose. He blew them off and signaled to Kobe what to do. Shields ready, they rounded the corner. The two attackers immediately opened fire. Sammy held them at bay while Kobe forced opened the panel with a crushing blow from his spiked shoe. Dozens of wires cramped the

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