North and South (North and South Trilogy Part One)

North and South (North and South Trilogy Part One)

John Jakes

Language: English

Pages: 812

ISBN: 0451200810

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Part one of the #1 New York Times bestselling North and South Trilogy—the Civil War saga that inspired the classic television miniseries North and South—with over five million copies sold!

“An entertaining…authentic dramatization of American history.”—The New York Times

From master storyteller John Jakes comes the epic story of two families—the Hazards and the Mains. Separated by vastly different ways of life, joined by the unbreakable bonds of true friendship, and torn asunder by a country on the brink of a bloody conflict that will irrevocably change them all…

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wasn’t entirely successful. Today, when that damned high-handed Orry Main had tried to discourage her from taking this ride, she had politely defied him. She had done it on principle and also because she wanted to talk privately with a slave. On his own ground, so to speak. So far the conversation had been one-sided. Cuffey came back, whacking his mule with a stick. He appeared apprehensive about returning to her company. No, she realized, something besides that was bothering him. “Miss, that

greatly improved since Davis had pushed through an expansion of the Army a year ago. Two new regiments of infantry had been authorized, and two of cavalry. Superintendent Lee had already been transferred to the new mounted regiment commanded by Albert Sidney Johnston, another Academy graduate. Charles hoped to join one of the new units next year. Billy already knew his first posting as a brevet second lieutenant. After his graduation leave he would report to Fort Hamilton in New York harbor,

and cool, the dawn skies the clearest and purest blue he had ever seen. It seemed to him that he had never tasted anything as delicious as the cook’s standard morning fare—hot Dutch-oven biscuits, beefsteak, stewed apples and peaches, and the familiar Army coffee. Mounted drill and practicing the manual of the saber and the carbine took up a good deal of the troop’s time. So did grooming the horses. To promote the Second as a crack unit, Davis had decreed that each company should have mounts of

grow up. Didn’t see many pretty girls in the Lehigh Valley. ’Course; I spent most of my time staring into fiery furnaces. Your family operates a mighty impressive factory, Mr. Hazard.” “I wish you’d call me George.” “No, call him Stump,” Orry put in. “All the cadets get nicknames eventually. We were christened last week.” “Stump, eh?” Cooper shot a glance at his brother. “What’s yours?” “Stick.” That made Cooper laugh. “Parts of the same tree, is that it? Well, Mr. Stump, I want to say I

understand his career. He had served Spain as a young army officer, then joined the rebellion against the mother country. He had been, at various times, Mexico’s military chief, president, and dictator. He had won the sanguinary victory at the Alamo, then lost at San Jacinto, where he had been ingloriously captured while attempting to escape disguised in a dirty smock and carpet slippers. At Tampico, defending his country against an attempted Spanish reconquest, the self-styled Napoleon of the

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