Nonphysical Book Six

Nonphysical Book Six

John Fredrick Carver

Language: English

Pages: 35

ISBN: 1:00036489

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There was thunder and lightning and the trump of a very loud trumpet was heard so that the people trembled in fear when Oamzes brought them to meet Eimah and they stood at the base of Mount Eisein. And the mountain was covered with smoke that also went up like a volcano and the entire mountain shook for Eimah had descended upon it. And when the trumpet sounded louder and louder Oamzes finally said something and Ogged was heard to say something back no one caught. So Eimah came down upon the top of Mount Eisein and Eimah called Oamzes to go up there and he did.

Ogged brought Sihreeleh out of Epidged. He has the strength of a unicorn. He will eat up the nations of his enemies and break their bones and pierce them all the way through with arrows. He crouches and lies down like a lion, a great lion. Who dares to stir him? Blessed is he that blesses him and cursed is he that curses him.”

Marlfox (Redwall, Book 11)

Clash of the Sky Galleons (The Edge Chronicles, Book 9; The Quint Trilogy, Book 3)

Cowboys and Aliens

A Time to Die (Courtney Family: Second Sequence, Book 5)













conquered the other since both sides could not do it without killing each other off completely. The entire concept that either side was treated worse by the other is ridiculous. One thing barbarians are not, is kind especially to those they perceive to be their enemies. And for a civilized person to hate any other civilized person on the basis of that their barbarian ancestry did is a farce at best and a sin against Ogged in its least part. It will not prosper. Even in my homeland where civility

is more and more a thing of the past again, since they turned away from Ogged, it will not prosper. Ogged doesn't have to do anything. He can allow the present state of life in Thur to just become a torment for everyone in the planet and it will on its own. The barbarous people of my homeland are rapidly reverting back to their barbarous ways concerned only about themselves and nitpicking about how barbarous the other barbarians in the planet are. Barbarians are barbarians. They must choose to

advance under the guidance and protection of Ogged or revert to the incredibly dangerous ways of their ancestors. Who can but pray they don't all prove my point to its ultimate extent before they all destroy each other and selfishly destroy the entire planet which they must or Ogged is a liar. But Ogged is also very just. They have little if any sense of real justice whatsoever. Which one of the two sides would you choose as a fitting future for your children to grow up in and become assimilated

do.” Then Oamzes got up early and built an altar and erected twelve pillars; one for each of the tribes of Sihreeleh. Then he had several young men offer burnt offerings and peace offerings of oxen to Eimah and Oamzes took half of the blood and sprinkled it on the altar. Then he read the agreement before the full audience of the all the people and they said, “What Eimah has said, we will do and obey.” Then he took the blood that was left and sprinkled it on the people and said, “Mark the words

according to your word. You are phenomenally patient, great in mercy, forgiving evildoing and sin, but by no means clearing the guilty even punishing the evildoing of the parents on the children to the fourth generation. I beseech you then pardon the evildoing of this people according to the enormity of your mercy and forgive this people just as you have been all the way from Epidged until now.” Eimah said, “I have pardoned them as you said, but as truly as I live Thur will be full of the glory

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