New Civil War Handbook: Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages

New Civil War Handbook: Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages

Mark Hughes

Language: English

Pages: 131

ISBN: 1932714626

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The New Civil War Handbook: Facts and Photos from America's Greatest Conflict is a complete up-to-date guide for American Civil War enthusiasts of all ages. Author Mark Hughes uses clear and concise writing, tables, charts, and more than 100 photographs to trace the history of the war from the beginning of the conflict through Reconstruction.

Coverage includes battles and campaigns, the common soldier, technology, weapons, women and minorities at war, hospitals, prisons, generals, the naval war, artillery, and much more. In addition to these important areas, Hughes includes a fascinating section about the Civil War online, including popular blog sites and other Internet resources. Reference material in The New Civil War Handbook includes losses in battles, alternate names for battles, major causes of death of Union soldiers (no data exists for Confederates), deaths in POW camps, and other valuable but hard to locate information.

Civil War buffs will find The New Civil War Handbook to be an invaluable quick reference guide, and one that makes an excellent gift for both the Civil War novice and the Civil War buff.

The Destructive War: William Tecumseh Sherman, Stonewall Jackson, and the Americans

To the Gates of Richmond: The Peninsula Campaign

First Blood: Fort Sumter to Bull Run

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Claude-Etienne Minié. Soldiers carried minie balls in a paper or linen cartridge that contained a black powder charge. To load a rifled musket, the soldier tore the powder end of the cartridge, poured it down the barrel, inserted the ball (pointed end up), and rammed it down the barrel. Upon firing, the hollow base of the bullet expanded and gripped the barrel’s rifling, causing it to spin as it exited the weapon. The spin resulted in increased range and accuracy. The .52 caliber

History & Heritage Collection Boys often served as powder monkeys, carrying gunpowder and shot to gun crews during battle. This lad poses aboard his vessel, the USS New Hampshire. USS Fort Hindman, a 286-ton side-wheel “tinclad” river gunboat that patrolled western rivers. Without support from gunboats like this, Vicksburg might not have fallen. The July 1863 Union victories at Vicksburg (Mississippi) and Port Hudson (Louisiana) opened the length of the vital Mississippi River to

continued Sept. 14 South Mountain 443 1,806 76 2,325 Sept. 14 - 16 Mumfordsville, Ky. 50 … 3,566 3,616 Sept. 17 Antietam, Md. 2,010 9,416 1,043 12,469 Sept. 17 Iuka, Miss. 144 598 40 782 Oct. 3 - 4 Corinth, Miss. 315 1,812 232 2,359 Oct. 5 Big Hatchie River, Miss. … … … 500 Oct. 8 Perryville, Ky. 916 2,943 489 4,348 Dec. 7 Prairie Grove, Ark. 167 798 183 1,148 Dec. 7 Hartsville, Ten. 55 … 1,800 1,855 Dec. 12 - 18 Foster’s expedition to Goldsboro, NC 90 478 9 577 Dec. 13 Fredericksburg,

Confederates prevailed a second time. Museum and White House of the Confederacy 1201 E. Clay Street Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 649-1861 The museum holds one of the largest collections of Confederate artifacts in the country. It is currently considering breaking up its collection into several museum locations across the state, including one at Appomattox. Petersburg National Battlefield 539 Hickory Hill Road Petersburg, VA 23803 (804) 732-3531

( General Interest The National Parks Service ( Contains a comprehensive list of national parks—including Civil War military sites—throughout the country. Visitors can find information on each park’s operating hours and history, obtain a copy of its brochure, and take a virtual tour. The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System ( The National Park Service maintains this site, which contains a searchable database of

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