Naked and Marooned: One Man. One Island.

Naked and Marooned: One Man. One Island.

Ed Stafford

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0142180963

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What do you do after you walk the Amazon?
Ed Stafford—adventurer extraordinaire and Guinness World Record holder for walking the length of the Amazon River—likes a challenge. Casting about for an adventure that would top the extraordinary feat he recounts in Walking the Amazon, Stafford decides to maroon himself on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. His mission: to survive for sixty days equipped with nothing—no food, water, or even clothing—except the video cameras he would use to document his time. Detailing Stafford’s jaw-dropping sojourn on the island of Olourua, Naked and Marooned is a tale of unparalleled adventure and of one man’s will to push himself to the outer limits—and survive.

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would be a good source of protein and so I decided I would. I briefly deliberated about whether it needed gutting and then just opted for squeezing it from the neck downwards to force all the excrement from its anus. Don’t look for that in a Jamie Oliver cookbook, you won’t find it. I wiped the mess on a leaf with my fingers and then chucked the lizard in my mouth. It took a bit of chewing before swallowing and tasted more like I’d bitten my tongue than I’d eaten food. The little tail was

world in which I felt out of control in so many areas, getting to grips with the topography of the island seemed vital. ‘Wow – that’s phenomenal!’ I reported to the camera as I broke out of the tree line on to the scorched summit of the rocky outcrop. I was on a spur of rock that crested out from the forest canopy below me like the hump back of a fossilised whale. It was the first time I’d been able to get a decent view of the reef that circled the island and the protected lagoon within. From

It required fortune and I could not bank on luck going my way. I had to make the most of what I could tangibly affect and so I opted to attempt to enhance the flow of water from the rock seep and improve my system of collecting it. I gave myself that task and nothing else for the day so that I could look at it calmly and get something done that was genuinely valuable and would improve my situation long term. Facing the seep, I reached up for a left-hand grip, then a right, and with my right

constraints − I would eat whatever I wanted until it was all gone. The meat was still utterly delicious thirty-six hours after killing the goat. ‘Today I am going to look for bamboo to drag back to a point where I will build a raft. Then I will be able to get off the island, into the reef, and try and fish.’ Bamboo isn’t indigenous to the island but there were several lengths washed up above the high-tide mark. In fact, the tide was too high to collect bamboo so I headed inland. I decided

of maggots. I wanted to bait the area in advance of building the actual corral so as to entice fish to the site. On dipping my hands into the seething mass of maggots I was struck by its warmth. I collected two full hair gel container pots, screwed the lids on tightly and walked up the beach to the rock pools. I emptied the maggots into a prospective corral and watched the small fish swarm to the area. I added a mature coconut for good measure and decided that this was a possible success

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