Murder on the Moor (A Rex Graves Mystery)

Murder on the Moor (A Rex Graves Mystery)

C.S. Challinor

Language: English

Pages: 205

ISBN: 0738719811

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 4 in the acclaimed Rex Graves Mystery Series                                                          

A Killer Housewarming in the Scottish HighlandsWhen barrister Rex Graves invites a group of friends to Gleneagle Lodge, he doesn't anticipate the arrival of an old flame--much less a dead body or serial killer. Rex's houseguest and colleague Alistair, who recently made an unsuccessful attempt to convict a man for the notorious Moor Murders, now finds himself under the same roof as the killer. Rex must use his skills of intellect, observation and logic to save Alistair's career and bring the murderer to justice.

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canna tell you just yet. Though it is interesting to note that Estelle is incapable of holding a secret for long.” “She confided in Shona, who came to whisper the surprise to me and tell me not to say anything to you.” “Women!” Rex rolled his eyes, at a complete loss as to what went on in their brains sometimes. “Well, as soon as I heard the cuddly lamb part, I knew something was amiss, so I just tried to act delighted, as was expected of me. Couldn’t you have given me a diamond or

canna be sure.” “Well, most obliged to you.” Dalgerry shook his hand. “I’ll be in touch. Strickler and Dawes will investigate the Wilcox case and take statements.” He dipped his head at Helen and opened the front door. Rex returned to the living room to see if Alistair had recovered, and was pleased to find him joking with the Farquharsons. Cuthbert raised his replenished tumbler to Rex. “To think we were harboring a serial killer!” Estelle exclaimed. “Vascular plant, indeed! You certainly

know your stuff, Rex.” “How’s the foot?” Rex asked her husband. “Oh, he’ll survive,” Estelle replied for him. “Alistair’s medic friend is going to come by at the end of his shift to make sure it’s not broken. As soon as that’s done, we’ll leave. This whole thing gives me the willies.” “I’ll get that,” Alistair said when the doorbell rang. “It might be John.” “Aye, it makes my skin crawl to think how that child molester was after Flora!” Mrs. Allerdice burst out, handkerchief trembling in her

on my way to the stable to see Donnie and find out what he’d been up to. It was Mrs. Farquharson I saw. I made up the bit about the weapon when I found out what had happened to Moira. I wanted everybody to think a stranger had broken into the house.” By this time, Sergeant Dawes had joined his partner and was keeping a sharp eye on Donnie in case the boy decided to bolt. Shona had slipped out of the car and stood by her daughter, a hopeful look on her perplexed face. “Gentlemen, this is not

you this, it seems. Best open it now.” He delved into his pocket and handed Helen a small blue velvet box, which he had purchased in Edinburgh and been planning to give her over the weekend at a propitious moment. “What is it?” she asked, cornflower blue eyes flashing up at him in excitement. “Open it and see.” “Oh! Rex, you didn’t!” she said snapping open the box. Inside, embedded in navy moiré silk, sparkled a diamond ring, its setting in the shape of a heart. the end About the Author

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