Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms

Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms

Marion Roberts

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1741758599

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sunny Hathaway—introvert, entrepreneur, inventor, poet, dog lover, and lateral thinker—has a lot on her plate. She's moving to a new house, dealing with step-siblings, and starting a dog entertainment business too.
Sunny and her expertly blended, thoroughly modern family are moving into her grandmother's old mansion, Windermere. Sunny wins the turret bedroom from her step-siblings (using her powers of reverse psychology), but is soon tangled up in mischief involving bored dogs, a cranky old gardener, an angel sighting, a match-making mission, and a boy who knits. To make matters worse, over at her dad's house, Sunny's baby half-sister Flora has turned the world upside-down, and Steph can't seem to find a way to turn it right-side-up again. Even with a sunny disposition, storm clouds can gather on the horizon, and this winter Sunny must find ways to offer warmth and shelter to those she cares for most.

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so I sat down, being careful not to get tangled up in his wool and hoping like crazy that having a pre-crush wasn’t an obvious-looking thing. ‘It’s Sunny Hathaway,’ Finn said. ‘Hello. Did you find your dog?’ I thought it was really decent that Finn remembered about Willow. But then again that could have been the pre-crush at work. Apparently, pre-crushes can make normal little things about a person seem super-special. ‘Hi, Finn,’ I said. ‘I did find my dog, thanks. She’d taken herself on a bit

said Steph, with Flora almost dozing over her shoulder. ‘She’s got a sixth sense for meal times. The minute the food’s on the table …’ ‘No no no,’ said Dad. ‘I want us all to have dinner together. She’s almost there – look, she can hardly keep her eyes open. Want to try putting her down?’ Steph gently peeled Flora from her shoulder and laid her in the pram. Then she started rocking it. Flora’s eyes shot open and her face winced up as though she was about to cry, but then she suddenly relaxed

first time I could remember. Mum wouldn’t get cross with me for leaving my basketball uniform at Dad’s, and Dad wouldn’t get cross with me for leaving my bathers at Mum’s. And I wouldn’t have to clog up my memory with thoughts about what belonged where. Can you imagine what I could do with all that new brain space? It was perfect that Steph would be sleeping in Granny Carmelene’s old room. Not only had Mum and I done a great job in making it into a guest room, but it’s not everyday she got to

might even like breakfast in bed. It would be like room service.’ ‘Perhaps not Not Bacon,’ said Dad, winking at Carl before he left. ‘Dad, don’t tell me you’re turning vegetarian,’ said Saskia with her mouth full of cereal. ‘Okay, I won’t tell you I’m turning vegetarian,’ said Carl. ‘Faken, Alex?’ ‘Sorry?’ said Mum, looking up from the crossword as if she’d just dropped in from another planet. ‘This DA person is impossible. I’ve only got about three out. What did you say, Carl?’ ‘Does that

‘Why didn’t you tell me, Mum?’ ‘I’m sure you kids will soon get to know him,’ said Carl. ‘But maybe, for a little while, it might be worth keeping out of his way.’ ‘You know, Carl,’ said Mum. ‘I think we should just put all this stuff up in the attic. There’s not one thing that this kitchen hasn’t already got.’ ‘Sure, darl. I’m making a pile in the games room for attic-bound objects. Lyall, do us a favour and put these things in there, will you?’ ‘Sure, Dad,’ said Lyall. ‘And Sunny,’

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