Mostly Monty: First Grader

Mostly Monty: First Grader

Johanna Hurwitz, Anik McGrory

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 076364062X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A shy boy with asthma starts first grade — and comes into his own — in this appealing story for early chapter book readers.

Six-year-old Monty doesn’t have a brother, a sister, or a pet. What he does have is asthma, which sometimes makes it hard to breathe and often makes him feel like he’d rather be somebody else. And now that he’s starting first grade, he’s very nervous about being with all those kids he won’t know. Luckily, he loves to read — even really hard books — and has a talent for finding things, from a cocooning caterpillar to classmates who want to be in his very own club. With familiar situations and gentle humor, Johanna Hurwitz follows an endearing character as he discovers that being himself can be pretty great after all.

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in the night unable to breathe. Both times, he had been rushed to the hospital. It sounds exciting to ride off in an ambulance with a siren and blinking lights. For Monty, it hadn’t been exciting at all. It was scary. Monty didn’t complain about his limitations, but he didn’t like them either. Why did he have to have asthma anyhow? Now Monty was in first grade. Before school started, he had been very nervous. Staying at school all day seemed like a long time to be away from home. Even having

dog. Second choice was a cat. Third was a guinea pig. Fourth was a hamster. His choices grew smaller and smaller, but his mother’s response was louder and louder. “No dog, no cat. No guinea pig. No hamster. All those animals are out,” she told him. “Animal hair will give you an asthma attack. I’m sorry, Monty,” she said. “How about some goldfish? They don’t have hair.” But you can’t cuddle a goldfish. In fact, you’d get wet when you even tried to touch a fish. So Monty turned that offer down.

“Good idea,” agreed Mrs. Morris. “Let’s see if I can make some holes in the lid so there will be enough air for the caterpillar to breathe.” Monty named the caterpillar Charlie. That night, Charlie slept inside his new home. At his dad’s suggestion, Monty had put a bottle cap with fresh water into the jar in case Charlie got thirsty during the night. Monty realized that as pets go, Charlie was awfully small. He couldn’t pet him much either because his parents thought it might disturb the

held on to his inhaler for support. “Do you want to join a club?” Monty asked Joey. “What kind of club?” Joey asked. “A kangaroo club,” said Monty. He began to explain his plan. Joey listened to Monty. He looked at the sheet of kangaroo information that Monty held up. “This is just like school,” Joey complained. “You shouldn’t have to read this kind of stuff if it isn’t homework. Especially when it’s the weekend,” he added. One of Joey’s dogs pulled on his leash. “Down, Jupiter!” shouted

shouted Joey with delight. “I like this club. Can we make a rule that we always have the same refreshments?” Everyone turned to look at the club president. Monty doubted that his mother would agree to serving butterscotch and fudge sauce at each meeting. He thought quickly. “My mom bakes very good cakes,” he said. “I vote that we be surprised each time,” said Arlene. “All in favor?” Six hands went up. (Evan raised both of his.) “Poor kangaroos. They never get to eat ice cream,” said Ilene,

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