Mission: Survival: Gold of the Gods

Mission: Survival: Gold of the Gods

Bear Grylls

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1862304793

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lost in the jungle! Bruno is on a trip to Colombia in his school holidays. His anthropologist uncle has taken him along on a visit to Don Rafael de Castillo, a descendent of a great explorer who is claimed to have discovered a lost City of Gold. But the secret of the city died with the explorer — until now. . . . A fast-paced, new adventure full of real survival details and tips.

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flooding and we’re less likely to be on an animal’s route to water. And look up.’ Peter followed his gaze upwards but obviously couldn’t see much that was important. ‘More leaves,’ he said, ‘surprisingly like the leaves I’ve been seeing so much of lately.’ ‘Exactly. It’s just leaves. No coconuts, no dead branches – nothing likely to fall down on us. Did you know that falling dead wood kills more people than anything else in the jungle?’ ‘No, I didn’t know that,’ Peter admitted. ‘And if you

harm’s way. Beck started to climb back down again. ‘Not very sheltered, is it?’ Peter pointed out when Beck reached the ground. He had put his glasses away and was peering up at the nest short-sightedly. Rain spattered against his upturned face. ‘Not yet,’ Beck corrected him. ‘That’ll change. Look, could you start searching for more firewood? Like last night?’ Peter raised an eyebrow and looked around the sopping wet jungle. ‘Look in the same places,’ Beck told him patiently. ‘Under bushes,

meant Peter was effectively disabled, and Beck suspected they were still hurting a lot more than his friend was going to admit. Maintaining a positive spirit is a vital part of survival. It doesn’t matter how sheltered you are, how much food or water you can find for yourself, if you don’t also have the will to keep going, you are already dead. With Peter hurt and in this mood, Beck honestly wasn’t sure where to go from here. ‘You’re thinking about what to do, aren’t you?’ Peter asked. ‘Kind

Medan turned into small, tightly packed squares. The ground around the city was flat and green with paddy fields. And then the plane banked and turned over the jungle. Beck looked down at the canopy – the rises, the falls, the wisps of steam, all the way to the horizon – with wary respect. He couldn’t say he’d enjoyed the experience. But he couldn’t say he hadn’t enjoyed it either. He was just glad to be seeing the back of it – for the moment, anyway. And then he thought of the one thing they

near her mother’s dead body, too frightened to move on and find food. She almost starved to death, but we were able to save her . . .’ He grinned at the boys, guessing the answer to the question he was about to ask. ‘Would you like to hold her?’ Beck got to feed her first so that Peter could take pictures. He couldn’t help comparing her to baby Hannah back at the hotel. They were about the same size and weight – which meant surprisingly heavy – but Hannah wasn’t a solid lump of muscle covered

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