Lucky (The Puppy Place #15)

Lucky (The Puppy Place #15)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 86

ISBN: 0545083478

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Charles faces a super-sized challenge when torrential rain and an injured pup take his camping trip by storm! Can they bring each other any luck?

Charles and his shy new friend David are camping out in the backyard when a big storm blows in. They make a dash for the house-but not before Charles sees a pair of eyes glowing in the night. Was that a puppy out there, all alone in the storm?
The next day, Charles and David find the stray, injured mixed-breed puppy, win his trust, and get him to the vet. He's very sick, and the vet is not sure she can save him. Will this Benji look-alike be lucky enough to survive and find a home?

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“I can’t stop thinking about that — whatever it was.” “It was a puppy,” Charles said. “I’m positive.” “I think so, too.” David nodded, upside down. “I want to go find him,” Charles said. “No way! My mom would have a fit.” A flash of lightning from outside the window lit up David’s worried face. Charles knew his friend was right. And at that moment, he was almost glad that Sammy wasn’t there. Sammy probably would have tried to talk them into searching for the puppy right then, storm or not.

David followed the puppy, pushing through the prickly branches and hanging vines. Charles took three running steps and dove for the puppy. The puppy picked up speed and veered away at the last minute, like a quarterback on his way to the end zone. Charles landed face-first and empty-handed in the soft, sticky mud. “Oof.” The puppy didn’t even slow down. Phew. I got away! I better keep running, and running, and running. Charles looked up just in time to see the puppy dash madly through David’s

about the puppy, too, of course — and worried about how upset his owners must be. She had already checked with the police and the animal shelter to make sure nobody had reported a stray puppy, and she’d started to make up some FOUND: LOST PUPPY signs to post around town. “Yes! He’s fine. He’s great. He made it!” Charles pumped a fist in the air. He felt so happy. “You should call David.” Lizzie handed Charles the phone. “I’m sure the puppy whisperer is wondering, too.” Lizzie had told Charles

to gather the rest of the camping equipment, Charles got out and went to the back of the van to check on the puppy. “Hi there, little guy.” The puppy looked so much better. Charles opened the door of the crate so he could take him out and show him to David. He could hardly wait to hold him for the very first time. But the puppy squirmed past Charles and jumped out of the van. “Hey!” Charles couldn’t believe it. He watched in shock as the puppy limped quickly across the yard and began to head

at each other and shook their heads. “You have a way of showing up at mealtimes, don’t you, Sammy?” Charles’s dad smiled as he took out two more pieces of bread. “Whoa, who’s this?” Sammy knelt down next to David to take a look at the puppy. “Hi, David. Hey, nice catch at kickball the other day. What are you doing here?” David didn’t answer. Shy again, he just moved over, making space for Sammy. “It’s a stray puppy,” Charles jumped in to explain. “He turned up at David’s house last night when

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