Lucifer's Eye

Lucifer's Eye

Hugh B. Cave

Language: English

Pages: 195

ISBN: B005O53UF8

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Evil stirs in the heart of paradise.

To plantation caretaker Peter Sheldon, St. Alban is a lush Caribbean jewel...but suddenly, all is not what it seems.

A crime wave is sweeping the villages . . . and a mysterious green fog is terrifying natives on the mountain paths. A group of children has vanished while hiking near Black Rock Peak. The twin of one missing boy lies seething with fever in the village below-dreaming of a cold, wet hell filled with terrible green light.

Ma Jarrett, wise in the ways of old island magic, is beginning to believe the stories of a "Devil's Pit" high in the mountains—and so is Peter. His own mind has been touched by the malevolent force in the fog, with almost deadly results. Soon, both will know the truth behind the legends.

Satan is alive and well and gathering souls for his dark army. Ma Jarrett and Peter Sheldon must find a way to stop him—or his fury will sweep the world!

The Darwin Elevator (The Dire Earth Cycle, Book 1)

Kalak of the Ice

The Moment of the Magician (Spellsinger, Book 4)

Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga, Book 7)

The Experiment














ownership from Spanish to English. The buccaneers with their bloody plundering. But why now? Why today? This was not the Middle East. The question was echoed in a column by William Bold. "What is happening to our once-civilized little island?" Bold had written, True, it was never the paradise depicted in the travel folders. Such paradises exist nowhere. But we were reasonably peaceful here except when certain conscienceless politicians stirred up the more ignorant among us for the sake of

from her and glanced at it. Feeling as though his body were encased in ice, he turned slowly to look at the stove. When he walked over to examine the pilot light, he found it not burning. "What's wrong with the flame here?" he said in a voice that came out like something from a record played too slowly. "The pilot? Me did decide long time ago to use matches instead. Gas cost a wicked amount of money these days." "It was out last night?" "It been out for two months or more." He stared at the

Good Lord, Peter thought—I was going to take Gerald to the hospital this morning. Now I don't know what I'm doing or how it will end. "All right, Coraline. We—" "Squire," Manny Williams interrupted. "We will need a rope." "That's right, we will." "A long one." "There's one in the storeroom," Peter said. "Hold on while I get it." 23 THEY STOOD TOGETHER ON THE FRIGHTENING precipice called the John Crow's Nest, and Manny Williams peered -at the old juniper leaning out over its brink. Scowling

brought you here because I want you to see how well your friend has responded to instruction. Also because I plan to begin your own instruction tomorrow, and this should persuade you not to be foolishly stubborn." The room was a duplicate, though smaller, of the one in which Peter had been captured, containing the same kind of cross and table. On the table lay another of the automatic rifles. Within reach of it stood a man Peter thought he had seen before—perhaps one of the missing soldiers. On

6 THE YARD WAS DARK WHEN HE LED EDITH CRAIG out the massive front door of the Great House and down the veranda steps. He had picked up a pair of flashlights and now handed her one. "It's possible to drive to Look Up," he explained, "but we'd have to go back to where we met Bronzie this afternoon, and the side road to the village is pretty bad. The shortcut the workers use is faster." "I like to walk," she said. She had to stay behind him as they went down through the terraced flower gardens.

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