Little Lucy Goes to School (Step into Reading)

Little Lucy Goes to School (Step into Reading)

Ilene Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 0385369948

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With over 1.6 million Lucy books sold, this beguiling beagle has captured the hearts of both beginning readers and early chapter book fans!
Learn to read with Ilene Cooper’s adorable beagle puppy, Lucy!
What does Bobby do all day at school? Lucy wants to know! So when Bobby’s mom takes her there, Lucy takes off! She finds the lunchroom. She finds the library. But can she find Bobby?
Step 3 (Reading on Your Own) is for children who are ready to read independently. Step 3 titles have stories with easy-to-follow plots and engaging characters.

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looked up at Bobby with her big brown eyes. “Don’t worry, Lucy,” Bobby said. In a second, they were in that wet blue water. Lucy was surprised. Then she barked. It felt good! Bobby splashed water on her. The dirt and leaves washed off. Lucy wiggled out of Bobby’s arms. “Hey,” Bobby said, “can you swim?” Lucy dog-paddled next to Bobby. Yes, she could! The lake was big and blue. The water was wet. Lucy didn’t mind. Lucy liked the lake. She liked it a lot.

ill. II. Title. PZ7.C7856 Ljm 2011 [E]—dc22 2010027114 eBook ISBN: 978-0-449-81073-6 Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-679-84777-9 Random House Children’s Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read. v3.1 For my husband, Bill—I.C. For Lorelei, who loves to help Daddy work—J.K. Contents Title Page Copyright Dedication First Page Lucy was a little beagle. She was brown and black and white. Her eyes looked like chocolate candy. Here’s what Lucy liked:

Running. Barking. Chewing. HOWLING. And she loved her boy, Bobby Quinn. Lucy also liked riding in the car. She liked to stick her head out the window. She liked the way the wind ruffled her fur. “Lucy,” Bobby said, “we are going to a new place today.” New? What did that mean? Bobby clipped Lucy’s leash to her collar. Lucy knew what that meant. They were going outside! Mr. Quinn got in the car. So did Mrs. Quinn. She put a red cooler in the backseat. Bobby got in

wet. Bobby grabbed a beach ball. “Come on, Lucy,” he said. “Let’s play in the water.” Lucy liked the big beach ball. But she still didn’t like the lake. She turned her back on the water. “She doesn’t want to go in,” Mrs. Quinn said. “I will tie her leash to that tree. Then you can swim.” Tied up? Lucy knew what that meant. No fun. But Lucy settled down under the leafy tree. It was cool and quiet. She put her head on her paws. She closed her eyes. Lucy was almost asleep.

Lucy went around the puddle. She ran after the frog. Did Lucy watch where she was going? No, she did not. She tumbled down a small hill. She wasn’t hurt. But she wasn’t happy. Grass and dirt and leaves stuck to her fur. Lucy was hot and dirty. She gave herself a shake. Bits of grass and dirt and leaves still stuck to her coat. Lucy wanted her family. Where were they? She looked around. No bird. No frog. No family. They were all gone. What should she do? How was she

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