Lawless Desert

Lawless Desert

C.M. Curtis

Language: English

Pages: 236

ISBN: 1508677395

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A man to be reckoned with. Martin Chambliss is not a man to be underestimated. A band of renegade Apaches make that mistake when they attack Chambliss and his fellow travelers. And when Chambliss goes on the hunt for two outlaws who have kidnapped the woman he loves, they learn that he is willing to follow them deep into Mexico, or into Hell itself, to save her, and he’s not afraid to spill blood if he has to.

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my friends, does it not make sense? Do you remember how the bandidos always outsmarted us? And how was it that in this vast range of mountains where we have searched many times in vain, seeking the hiding place of the bandidos, Chambliss should find it so easily? How did he do this if not by following someone who came here?” “Maybe he is one of the bandidos,” said Rufino. “Maybe that is why he knew where they were.” “No, he is not one of them,” affirmed Rigo. Then he said, “None of us here

never like him. He gave a quick nod and then looked away, missing the smile she started to send him. Later that day, the low, rounded, brushy mountains around Pick-Em-Up gave way to a dramatically different kind of terrain, and the men found themselves in a land of abrupt changes: from horizontal to up and down, and from shallow, wide valleys to narrow, deep, vertical canyons. Ashworth, the only member of the group who had ever spent time in these mountains, was in the lead. He followed no

scanned the surrounding area, hoping to orient himself in relation to that map. There was a particular place he wanted to find. To the northeast, behind the mountains in the distance, Chambliss observed a darkening of the sky that might presage a storm. But in this unpredictable desert one could never be sure. He said to Tory, “We may get a soaking before the day is out.” Two hours later, from the top of a hill, he saw the outlaws moving at a determined pace. There were seven of them and four

the kind of clothes he’ll need for ranch work. Boots, a hat, things like that. Let him buy them on my account, and I’ll take it out of his pay.” Whitey nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” With the exception of Pete Oxley and a particular few of his friends who were openly hostile, the men in the bunkhouse were neither friendly nor unfriendly to Chambliss, and he understood this well. He knew it would take time to be accepted, more so because he was not a westerner. These men considered him to be a

and said to Tory. “Do you feel like a little climb?” “Up there?” She pointed. “There’s a safe place up there. I know you’re tired, but . . .” “I can make it.” He smiled and pulled her near and held her for a while and promised himself he would do everything in his power to get them both out of this desert. He kissed her and said, “Let’s go.” It was a steep climb, but not a dangerous one, and within twenty minutes they had reached the top, where he led her to a place where one end of a huge,

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