Last Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, Book 6)

Last Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 246

ISBN: 0749744863

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Darrell and her friends grow together as they share their school days. There are new students to induct, sporting matches to be won, tempers to control and tricks to play on teachers. This work presents stories about life at boarding school as readers follow the girls' lives through 6 years at Malory Towers.

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magnet, and dropped them by the door when she went hack to her place. Mam'zelle Rougier felt her hair going down her back and put up her hand to see, of course. She umidn't find a single pin and looked absolutely horrified. 'Then Felicity put up her hand and said she had seen Mime hair-pins down by the door, and were they Mam'zelle's by any chance? Mam'zelle simply couldn't understand how they had goi there. We offered all kinds of explanation. I said Mam'zelle must have dropped them coming in.

handed an envelope to her. She winked at Darrell and Sally. Matron opened it. Out fell a photograph of Irene in a swimming- cost nine! 'Irene! This is a photograph!' said Matron, annoyed. 'Oh, sorry. Matron. Wrong envelope,' said Irene, and handed hei another. Matron tore it open, ant] glared at Irene. 'Is this a joke? This is a dog's licence!' 'Gosh!' said Irene. 'So that's where old Rover's licence went! Sorry, Matron. This must he the right envelope!' Everyone was giggling. Alicia had now

are! thought Miss Grayling. Really, I think somebody should start a School for Parents too! V A^tyta swimming Deirdre was not expelled. Her real fault had been weakness, and that could be dealt with. When she heard that she was to stay on, she could have sung for joy. She was shocked about Jo, but secretly relieved to be free of her strong, dominating influence. i The whole school was shocked too. It was so very rare for any girl to be expelled - but everyone agreed that Jo was impossible.

shouted Mister Grim, marching towards Chinky. "I'll —" "Go back, go back!" chanted Chinky, and waved his wand at Mister Grim, whose feet at once took him six steps backwards, much to his surprise. "You see, I've got magic in my wand," cried the pixie. "Aha! I may have powerful magic, Mister Grim, so be careful!" "Come on, Chinky," whispered Peter. "Let's go and find the Wishing-Chair and fly off." "But I want my doll Rosebud before we go," said Mollie. "And have you forgotten your engine and

big cave, and come to earth there, the children exclaimed in delight. The inside of the cave shone with a golden light, though there was no lamp of any sort to be seen. "That's why it's called the Golden Hill," said Merry. "The whole of the hill shines like gold inside. So plenty of goblins live here because they are mean fellows, you know, and are only too pleased to live in a hill where they do not need to buy candles by which to see!" The children and Chinky explored the golden cave. There

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