Labyrinth (Rogue Angel, Book 34)

Labyrinth (Rogue Angel, Book 34)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 260

ISBN: 2:00307084

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Each step, each test, each twist and turn leads closer to death

A book dealer lies imprisoned in a Boston mansion, an IV tube dripping a lethal narcotic cocktail into his veins. In thirty-six hours, he'll be dead. His final request is to receive a visit from one woman.…

It wasn't the most hospitable invitation she'd ever received. Archaeologist Annja Creed is being rushed to Massachussetts, abducted by a famous environmental terrorist—a zealot willing to kill anyone who gets in his or the planet's way. He has taken the book dealer hostage in order to steal a rare and very valuable treatise called the Tome of Prossos. Annja is the key to retrieving the ancient manuscript hidden somewhere deep within the mansion. But the book is well-protected. In order to find it, she must survive the rigors of an elaborate maze. She has only twelve hours to decipher the labyrinth's sinister secret…a secret that could ensure she never emerges.

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And Fairclough did seem capable of almost making magic. He’d already proven his capacity for building something truly unique in the maze itself. She shook her head. Let’s try to stay real here, Annja, she thought. She took a breath. If I was Kessel, which would I have chosen? There was a simple but elegant white door that looked like something out of a mansion in the deep South. Another industrial steel one seemed to have been taken from a warehouse. Still another had a Victorian design that

corridor. A huge creature, which must have stood more than seven feet tall, covered entirely in fur. He’d had no warning of it aside from a vague feeling of unease. Careless. That’s the only way to describe how he’d been caught unawares. He’d grown weary wandering the maze, with every hallway exactly like the previous one. His mind had started to drift. He’d grown bored. And that’s when he got nailed. His thoughts focused on Annja. What had happened to her? Had she been captured as well? Or

concern cross his face. Another memory came back to her. “Oh, my God, I forgot all about your injury. I saw you hit that stone wall damned hard.” Kessel grinned, but it was weak. “Yeah, that beast threw me pretty good. I’ve taken some shots before, but that was harsh.” He lowered his hand. “I’ve got a bump. Not sure if there’s internal swelling or not.” “Headache?” “Terrible.” Annja’s stomach turned over. Kessel was downplaying it, but she knew he was concerned. And she knew enough about

control room, odds are pretty good they’ve at least seen us talking…even if they can’t hear us. How do you think we should handle this?” Kessel took a deep breath before saying quietly, “I suggest we take the chance and play it as if I was still Greene’s man. Even if they know otherwise, they might play along. Buy us time. I’ve been wounded and you saved my life.” Annja grinned. “I saved your life? Why would I do a crazy thing like that? If you’re Greene’s man, why would I care about you?

Jonas positioned Kessel. Jonas shrugged. “So, what do you want to do? Kill him and be done with it? We’d lose out on all his money and then we’d be back to spraying graffiti instead of making an impact.” Greene sighed. “There are lots of people out there with a ton of money they wouldn’t mind spending on a couple of guys like us. Guys with a plan.” “Yeah, but would they buy into our goals?” Jonas turned Kessel around and faced him toward a doorway. “He’s ready.” Greene sighed. “You’re

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