Julian's Glorious Summer (A Stepping Stone Book)

Julian's Glorious Summer (A Stepping Stone Book)

Ann Cameron

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0394891171

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bicycles–shiny, whizzing, wobbly bicycles–scare Julian more than lions or tigers. But how can he tell that to his best friend, Gloria? She can already ride with no hands. So instead of telling the truth, Julian makes up a little fib. And he almost gets away with it–until his fib backfires and Julian finds himself in the biggest, most confounding fix ever.

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me! Don’t you want to learn?” “No, I don’t want to learn,” I said. “Well, okay, then. See you sometime. Goodbye,” Gloria said. The way she said good-bye didn’t sound usual. It sounded permanent. She turned her bicycle around and started pushing it out to the street. I got the opinion I might be losing my best friend. “Gloria! Wait a minute! Stop!” I shouted. Gloria stopped, but she didn’t turn around. I ran in front of her. She looked as if she was crying. But I must have been wrong,

said. “Well, what do you say, Julian?” “Terrible!” I said. “I mean, terribly nice of you! I mean, work—wonderful! What luck!” I raised my hands to heaven the way Dad does. Then I collapsed on the grass. I didn’t get up for a long time. To Each His Own Right after lunch my dad offered Huey the same great opportunity he’d offered me—to work all summer. “No, thanks,” Huey said. “I’d rather go play at Gloria’s house.” And he left. “More sharp rocks for you, Huey!” I thought. But pretty

stick to what you say you’ll do, and the way you work hard. He said you did a very good job with everything.” “He did? He is? Really?” I said. I started to feel very happy and proud about all the work I was doing. But then I remembered how sore I was. I remembered I didn’t feel good; I felt bad. “Dad is pushing me too hard,” I said. “He is making me suffer.” I hoped my mother would say, “I’ll get him to let up on you. I’ll get him to give you less work.” But she didn’t. She just rubbed my

have your own bicycle. Well, now you have one! Of course, if what you really want is to save money for a race car, you can take it back to the store.” “I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t know what I really want.” I had worked so hard to keep bicycles out of my life. What did I get for it? A bicycle! I was stunned. I needed to talk to somebody. I needed advice. “Should I teach you how to ride it?” my dad asked. “No, thanks,” I said. “First I want to show it to Gloria.” I Take Off I

bike seat and putting just one foot on the near pedal. “That was fun!” I said. “Okay,” Gloria said. “Now use the blocks again.” I put the bicycle between the cement blocks and balanced on it again. Gloria took hold of the side of the bicycle seat. “When your bike leans one way,” she said, “steer and lean the other way. Pedal now!” she said. “Take off!” I pushed the top pedal. I left the blocks behind. Gloria ran beside me, holding the bike seat. I balanced. I didn’t fall—even though every

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