Johnny Crow's Picture Book

Johnny Crow's Picture Book

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0486795985

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A lively group of animal friends gather for hijinks in this compilation of three classic picture books. Brimming with simple but charming rhymes, pen-and-ink drawings, and luminous watercolor illustrations, the tales will captivate young readers and listeners, especially 4- to 8-year-olds.
In Johnny Crow's Garden, the pig dances a jig, the elephant says something quite irrelevant, and the goose ― well, the goose is a goose. In Johnny Crow's Party, the bear sings a sentimental air, the sheep goes to sleep, and the armadillo uses him for a pillow. And in Johnny Crow's New Garden, the chimpanzee makes the tea, the puffins hand out the muffins, and all the animals dance and sing at a memorable garden party.

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ache ? ” “ Yes,” said the Baboon, “ But we’ll all be better soon In Johnny Crow’s Garden.” Then the Pig and the Calf Made everybody laugh, Till the Chimpanzee Said : “ Shall I make the Tea ? ” And the Puffins Handed the Muffins And they danced and they sang, and each Visitor’s attitude Was his very best way of expressing his gratitude To Johnny Crow and his Garden.

Crow Would dig and sow Till he made a little Garden. And the Lion Had a green and yellow Tie on In Johnny Crow’s Garden ! And the Rat Wore a Feather in his Hat But the Bear Had nothing to wear In Johnny Crow’s Garden. So the Ape Took his Measure with a Tape In Johnny Crow’s Garden. Then the Crane Was caught in the Rain In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Beaver Was afraid he had a Fever But the Goat Said : “It’s nothing but his Throat !” In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Pig

Danced a Jig In Johnny Crow’s Garden Then the Stork Gave a Philosophic Talk Till the Hippopotami Said: “Ask no further ‘What am I?’x” While the Elephant Said something quite irrelevant In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Goose— Well, the Goose was a Goose In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Mouse Built himself a little House Where the Cat Sat down beside the Mat In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Whale Told a very long Tale In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Owl Was a funny old Fowl

And the Fox Put them all in the Stocks In Johnny Crow’s Garden. But Johnny Crow He let them go And they all sat down to their dinner in a row In Johnny Crow’s Garden. Johnny Crow’s Party TO MY NEPHEW SOMERSET HAPPY IN A NAME THAT ASSURES HIS WELCOME TO JOHNNY CROW’ - OR ANY OTHER - PARTY JOHNNY CROW’S PARTY. Johnny Crow Plied Rake and Hoe And improved his little Garden. And the Eagle Looked quite regal In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Cockatoo Said “ Comment vous portez vous ? ”

And the Gander Didn’t understand her ; But the Flamingo Talked the same lingo In Johnny Crow’s Garden And the Bear Sang a sentimental Air, But the Giraffe Was inclined to laugh ; Even the Duckling Couldn’t help chuckling In Johnny Crow’s Garden. Then the Snake Got entangled with the rake In Johnny Crow’s Garden. And the Cock Had a very nasty knock ; So the Hen Said : “ We’ll never come again To Johnny Crow’s Garden ! ” And the Sheep Went to sleep, And the Armadillo Used

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