Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë

Language: English

Pages: 357

ISBN: 1540473732

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is a beautifully-designed new edition of Charlotte Brontë's impassioned novel Jane Eyre.

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favorably with Brocklehurst’s ultimately righteous and cruel imposition of deprivation under the hypocritical name of Christian self-restraint. To complicate matters further, Helen’s admirable self-restraint under oppression and St. John’s cold denial of feeling differ from each other and therefore can’t simply be lumped together as “the Christian view.” Because to this point the novel seems to endorse Jane’s Christian attack on Rochester’s “natural” morality of love, Jane’s view does appear at

I blamed none of those who repulsed me. I felt it was what was to be expected, and what could not be helped; an ordinary beggar is frequently an object of suspicion; a well-dressed beggar inevitably so. To be sure, what I begged was employment; but whose business was it to provide me with employment? Not, certainly, that of persons who saw me then for the first time, and who knew nothing about my character. And as to the woman who would not take my handkerchief in exchange for her bread, why, she

meditation. But besides his frequent absences, there was another barrier to friendship with him; he seemed of a reserved, an abstracted, and even a brooding nature. Zealous in his ministerial labors, blameless in his life and habits, he yet did not appear to enjoy that mental serenity, that inward content, which should be the reward of every sincere Christian and practical philanthropist. Often of an evening, when he sat at the window, his desk and papers before him, he would cease reading or

forgets, pitilessly, the feelings and claims of little people, in pursuing his own large views. It is better, therefore, for the insignificant to keep out of his way, lest, in his progress, he should trample them down. Here he comes! I will leave you, Diana.” And I hastened up stairs as I saw him entering the garden. But I was forced to meet him again at supper. During that meal he appeared just as composed as usual. I had thought he would hardly speak to me, and I was certain he had given up

judged.” 74 (p. 345) all the first-born in the land of Egypt: In the Bible, Exodus 12:23-30 tells of the death of the first-borns of the Egyptians by the hand of the Lord. 75 (p. 346) Be not far from me: The language is from the Bible, Psalms 22:11. 76 (p. 346) the floods overflowed me: Again, this language is from the Bible, Psalms 69:2: “I sink in deep mire... the floods overflow me.” CHAPTER XXVII 77 (p. 347) right hand: The reference is to the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew

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