Into the Land of the Lost (Secrets of Droon, Book 7)

Into the Land of the Lost (Secrets of Droon, Book 7)

Tim Jessell, Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 2:00335632

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A hidden door. A magical staircase. Discover the world of Droon! Aha! Lord Sparr has put Princess Keeah under a magic spell. Eric, Julie, and Neal can help her if they go to the Land of the Lost. But only ghosts live there. And if they don't get out soon, the kids will turn into ghosts themselves!

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the abode of the fallen heroes of Droon.” “So it’s where the dead people live?” asked Neal. “Just so,” said Galen. “No living soul can harm another there. But there is a worse danger. You must be gone by midnight or all will be lost.” Eric noticed that the blue air continued to spin around as they talked. Were they … moving? “What happens at midnight?” Julie asked. The wizard frowned. “If midnight finds you in the city walls, you will become ghosts, too.” Neal gulped loud enough for

sharply. “Oh! First wizard of Droon? Oh! Why didn’t you say so?” He smiled so widely his ears wiggled. Tugging the mirror from his leather sack, he handed it back to Julie. “Queen Hazad speaks of Galen often. Oh! He is one of the great heroes of Droon!” “Galen sent us here to help Princess Keeah,” Eric said. “Who is Queen Hazad?” Shago snorted. “None other than the ruler of Agrah-Voor! Come. I will take you to her —” Splash! The silvery water above broke open suddenly. Ninn soldiers were

Eric said, gulping. “But what?” Eight more skeleton warriors flew up just as the first had done. Then they pulled armor and weapons from the box. Some Skorth wore thick armor. Others were bareheaded, showing their bony skulls, their grinning jaws. But all had spears with blades that whirled and spun wildly. They stood awaiting Sparr’s command. “Living souls cannot harm you, dear queen?” Sparr said with a laugh. “Behold the Warriors of the Skorth! As dead as dead can be! From ancient times,

yelped. She jumped behind the skeleton, while Neal and Julie raced in and rammed him from the side. “Eeee!” the Skorth yelped as he tumbled over Julie and crashed to the stones. Eric leaped away. “Thanks, guys!” “Oh, man!” Neal said, sloshing in the puddle forming from the broken pipe. “I knew there would be more water. All day, it’s been nothing but — that’s it! Water! Eric, give me your socks!” Eric blinked at him. “That’s a weird request.” “GIVE ME YOUR SOCKS!” Neal cried. Grumbling,

open!” “You have given us the greatest gift,” the queen said to the kids. “Thanks to you, peace may come to Droon. Thanks to you, we are lost no more. Now you must go — you cannot stay.” Eric couldn’t say a word. He couldn’t speak. He had a lump in his throat the size of a baseball. He wanted to cry. But they needed to go. “Sparr has the Wasp,” Keeah said. “He does,” Queen Hazad said, her cheeks becoming rosy. “It could not remain hidden forever. Yet today was a victory. Knowing there are

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