Human Reproductive Biology

Human Reproductive Biology

Richard E. Jones

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: B007N18U5Q

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This acclaimed text has been fully revised and updated, now incorporating issues including aging of the reproductive system, and updates on the chapters on conception and Gamete Transport and Fertilization, and Pregnancy.

Human Reproductive Biology, 3rd edition emphasizes the biological and biomedical aspects of human reproduction, explains advances in reproductive science and discusses the choices and concerns of today. Generously illustrated in full color, the text provides current information about human reproductive anatomy and physiology.

The ideal book for courses on human reproductive biology - includes chapter introductions, sidebars on related topics of interest, chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading.

* All material competely updated with the latest research results, methods, and topics now organized to facilitate logical presentation of topics

* New chapters on Reproductive Senescence, Conception: Gamete Transport, Fertilization, Pregnancy: Maternal Aspects and Pregnancy: Fetal Development

* Full color illustrations, New companion website featuring latest information on current related topics

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blastocyst looks like a solid ball of cells. If, however, it is cut in half, a fluid-filled cavity, the blastocoel, is revealed. A single layer of cells, the trophoblast, forms the outer layer of the blastocyst just inside the zona pellucida (Figure 10.1). A clump of cells near one end of the blastocyst underneath the trophoblast layer is called the inner cell mass (Figure 10.1). This group of cells gives rise to the embryo. It is also the source of embryonic stem cells (see Chapter 15). The

Contraception. 87 (5), 661–665. Tilburgs, T., et al., 2010. Elsevier Trophoblast Award Lecture: unique properties of decidual T cells and their role in immune regulation during human pregnancy. Placenta 31 (Suppl.), S82–S86. Tycko, B., Morison, I.M., 2002. Physiological functions of imprinted genes. J. Cell. Physiol. 192, 245–248. van de Ven, C.L., et al., 2007. The potential of umbilical cord blood multipotent stem cells for nonhematopoietic tissue and cell degeneration. Exp. Hematol. 35,

vaginal tissue. In addition, some free sensory nerve endings are found deep in the epithelium, mainly near the vaginal opening. (A) Anteflexed uterus (B) Retroflexed uterus The Vaginal Environment FIGURE 2.11  Usual and unusual positions of the uterus. (A) The uterus is in the usual anteflexed position, whereas (B) the uterus is tilted backward in a retroflexed position. vagina and interfere with coitus, and surgery to repair pelvic support may be needed. VAGINA Structure The vagina is a

luteal phase (Figure 3.2) causes the corpus luteum to die. However, although injection of LH into a woman can prolong the life of her corpus luteum for a few days, it then dies anyway. The number of LH receptors in the human corpus luteum drops as this structure ages, which may play a role in its death. Changes in the secretion of prolactin could also influence the life of the human corpus luteum, but we know little about the role of this hormone in the menstrual cycle. Perhaps secretion of an

5α-reductase deficiency. You have learned in this chapter that 5α-reductase converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in cells of male external genitalia as well as of the prostate and bulbourethral glands. In contrast, the male sex accessory ducts, as well as seminal vesicles, respond to testosterone directly (see Figure 5.9). Guevedoces males are genetic males (46:XY) who are born lacking one of the forms of 5α-reductase enzyme. Their testes secrete normal levels of testosterone, but

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