Here Be Monsters! (The Ratbridge Chronicles)

Here Be Monsters! (The Ratbridge Chronicles)

Alan Snow

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 1481427628

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Entertaining antics and skullduggery abound in the book that inspired Laika Studio’s animated film The Boxtrolls, in theaters September 26, 2014!

Welcome to Ratbridge. But beware—for there is skulduggery afoot. Young Arthur has fallen foul of the appalling outlaw, Snatcher, and is trapped alone in the town with every way home sealed. Meanwhile Snatcher and his men are working tirelessly in secret on a fiendish and dastardly plan to destroy the entire town.

With the help of some friendly boxtrolls and cabbageheads, some quirkly townspeople, and the rats and pirates from the Ratbridge Nautical Laundry, can Arthur thwart Snatcher’s evil plans and find his way home?

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shop. Willbury took out a quill and a scrap of paper from under his chair. Then there was a knock. Willbury took out a quill and a scrap of paper. A rather grubby man. chapter 11 A VISIT Everyone turned to the door. Everyone turned to the door. Through the window they could see the tall shadow of a figure standing outside. Willbury put his finger to his mouth. “Quiet!” he whispered. “It may be the hunters looking for Arthur. Arthur, quick, hide behind the counter.” Arthur obeyed without

the Laundry. After they had gone a few streets, they heard the sound of dogs. “They are coming after us!” The lonely stoat, who was disappearing in the opposite direction, looking miserable. “Back to the laundry! Follow us.” chapter 27 ATTACK ON THE SHIP Arthur and Fish kept low as they flew. Arthur and Fish kept low as they flew. They caught up with the underlings and Arthur shouted to them. “Back to the Laundry! Follow us.” Arthur was surprised at how fleet-footed the underlings were,

thumping got louder and louder. Arthur looked down and noticed one of the bricks in the wall moving toward him. It is! It’s coming through! Arthur panicked. He jumped over the bed, then smashed the brick as hard as he could into the wall, sending it shooting back in. Someone shouted “Ouch!” and the thumping stopped. He jumped over the bed, then smashed the brick as hard as he could. Arthur waited. There was a muffled cry, an even louder thump, and before Arthur had time to react again, the

her up to the shed. Arthur and Titus joined them. Willbury looked about the small room. On the bench at the back were Arthur’s wings and the strange device with two small funnels. The strange device with two small funnels. Willbury pointed to the design. “Is that yours?” Marjorie sighed. “Yes . . . . Yes it is.” Arthur was busy checking his wings. “At least they haven’t had time to take them apart again,” he said in relief. Willbury put Marjorie down on the control panel. She took a few

Willbury. The meeting broke up, and a few minutes later Arthur found himself on deck with the boxtrolls, Titus and the tiny cabbagehead, Grandfather, Herbert, Marjorie, and Willbury. “Are we taking the little sea-cow with us?” asked Arthur. “No, she is staying here for the moment. The crew has grown very fond of her,” Willbury replied. So they set off and soon arrived at the shop. Willbury opened the front door and stopped in his tracks. “Oh, my word!” he exclaimed. Willbury opened the

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