Henry and Cato

Henry and Cato

Iris Murdoch

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0140045694

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the story of two prodigal sons. Henry returns from a self-imposed exile in America to an unforeseen inheritance of wealth and land in England and to his mother. His friend Cato is struggling with two passions, one for a God who may or may not exist, the other for a petty criminal who may or may not be capable of salvation. Cato's father and sister Colette wait anxiously to welcome Cato back to sanity.

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anguish she had dropped the letter in on Aunt Pat who would find it in the morning and send it on to her father. But if her father had paid that ransom money, which even now was strewn all over the floor around her bed, he must know already? But that was impossible. He could not have acted to her, could not have concealed his distress. Somebody however must know, somebody else, who had paid the ransom? Where was Cato now and was he even still alive? Her loving will, so bent upon her brother ever

(not the deceased’s) and we had to decide instantly, and of course we just had to say yes and we sure do hope you’ll understand! So we’ll be gone when you get back to Sperriton. We’ve left your keys with Paul and May Horowitz and they’ll be sprucing up the house for you and your bride, and we’re hopping mad that we won’t be there to welcome you and of course we’re dying with curiosity — but we’ll see you before long won’t we? You must come to Santa Cruz soon with Mrs. M. and be our guests. Our

light. Brendan had written again, asking him to come and stay at his flat. Cato decided that he would probably go to Brendan, not at once, but in a few days. Not that he expected any fresh illumination, but he wanted, before seeing his friend, to have put some more form into his existence, in particular to have taken some rational step about Beautiful Joe. He feared seeing Brendan, not of course fearing reproaches, but dreading his own deep desperate desire to be persuaded to stay in the order,

looked thinner and finer with a straight nose and a long mobile mouth which twisted when she smiled. Her eyes were a clear light questing brown. There was a slight gap between her two front teeth. Cato stared at her unmarked radiant face. She looked childishly young and healthy and chaste. ‘Why can’t I stay here, Cato?’ ‘This place is closing. They’re going to pull the house down.’ ‘Oh what a shame! I do wish I’d come here more. I was afraid to because of Daddy. I either had to lie or to make

place — where would your mother live?’ ‘Oh I’ve thought that all out. You know we own Dimmerstone. Well, there are two derelict cottages there which could be made into quite a nice little house, there’d even be a decent garden.’ ‘You can’t expect your mother to leave the Hall and go and live in a cottage at Dimmerstone.’ ‘Two cottages. Why not? Why not?’ ‘Well — she’d be miserable, she’d die of shame.’ ‘Shame? Shouldn’t she feel shame to be living in a big empty house when people are

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