Hell's Belles (Roller Girls)

Hell's Belles (Roller Girls)

Megan Sparks

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1623700248

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Annie's roller derby team, the Liberty Belles, are finally on a winning streak. They plan a special Halloween bout with their arch rivals, the High Rollers. But Annie sprains her ankle – will it heal in time for the bout? To make matters worse, Tyler seems to be ignoring her and flirting with Kelsey, her school's most popular cheerleader. At least Jesse is proving to be a good friend – he always seems to know exactly how to cheer her up.

Ready? Set. Raymond!

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wrong to miss a gymnastics meet when she’d been competing at elite level. Other people were counting on her, and she made a promise when she joined the team. But her teammates — her friends — were telling her that given the special circumstances of the situation, they would understand if she chose the dance. It was the nicest thing they could have said. But she still wasn’t going to do it. She loved derby and she loved these girls. And she totally respected Holly and Carmen for being honest

sly grin. “Here comes your next escort, right on schedule.” Annie turned to see Jesse walking down the hallway. She felt a wave of embarrassment remembering the whole awkward flower incident, but it didn’t last. He was her friend, and silly things like that didn’t matter between friends. She couldn’t help but notice how cool he looked in a faded Dead Kennedys T-shirt. His eyes were the same blue as the distressed denim of his baggy jeans. “Inconvenience never looked so good, huh?” teased

she could do to keep from clicking the “end call” button, which would have meant hanging up on her own mother. Instead, she smiled into the tiny camera. “As a matter of fact, he was. Icing cupcakes, brewing tea, and counting money! He’s very, very busy. Rosie Lee’s is a huge success!” Mum lifted an eyebrow skeptically. “Is that so?” “Yes! It’s the most popular place in town.” “The most popular place in Liberty Heights, Illinois?” Mum rolled her eyes and gave a condescending chuckle. “The

the bone. “It’s actually looking really good,” said Coach Ritter. “The bruising isn’t as bad as it was and it’s barely swollen at all.” Annie felt a rush of hope. “Do you think I’ll be able to skate soon?” “Well . . .” Coach smiled. “Soon is kind of a vague term, but yes, I think so.” “In time for the Halloween bout?” Annie pressed. “I want that as much as you do, kiddo. But I really wouldn’t presume to say. That’s up to your doctor.” Annie frowned. “I was afraid you were going to say

spent on private lessons and training time.” “How’s my ankle?” Annie blurted out. “Can I skate tomorrow night?” Dr. Delaney slipped the MRI scan into the light box on the wall. Annie’s foot appeared in negative exposure. “Such a lovely likeness,” teased Dad. “I think I’ll have it framed and hang it over the mantle.” Annie knew he was trying to keep the mood light, in case Dr. Delaney was about to deliver bad news. But she couldn’t take the suspense even one more minute. “Is it better?” Dr.

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