Gods and Generals: A Novel of the Civil War (Civil War Trilogy)

Gods and Generals: A Novel of the Civil War (Civil War Trilogy)

Jeff Shaara

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0345422473

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels
In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff Shaara traces the lives, passions, and careers of the great military leaders from the first gathering clouds of the Civil War. Here is Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a hopelessly by-the-book military instructor and devout Christian who becomes the greatest commander of the Civil War; Winfield Scott Hancock, a captain of quartermasters who quickly establishes himself as one of the finest leaders of the Union army; Joshua Chamberlain, who gives up his promising academic career and goes on to become one of the most heroic soldiers in American history; and Robert E. Lee, never believing until too late that a civil war would ever truly come to pass. Profound in its insights into the minds and hearts of those who fought in the war, Gods and Generals creates a vivid portrait of the soldiers, the battlefields, and the tumultuous times that forever shaped the nation.

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trench, and the men cheered him again. Smith waved at them furiously, quieting them, because now they could be heard by the enemy. As they reached the edge of the trees, the shelling came in to their right, down the line. Jackson raised his glasses, tried to find the blue line, the advance of the Federal troops. “I can’t see. Too low. Let’s move forward.” And he spurred the horse out into the clearing, into the tall grass. Smith rode out beside him, then to the front, and Jackson did not notice

Afterward, wiping at wet chins, they repeated what had become their ritual, closed their eyes and together said, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” Kate wiped her hands with a small towel, said, “I swear, General, if you spoil your own child like that . . . you will have your hands full.” He looked at her, and Jane suddenly leapt forward, grabbed his leg and wrapped one arm tight around his knee. “Miss Corbin,” he said, “it will give me great pleasure to spoil my daughter. I intend to give her many opportunities

patched his right hand . . . it is healing well, I am very pleased. But . . . there is a new problem. I believe he now has pneumonia.” She stared, felt the words, said slowly, “May I see him, Doctor?” “Certainly. He is weak, I have given him medication, to help him sleep. He is in some pain. The medication makes him . . . drift away . . . in and out. He may not recognize you, but I am certain your presence would be most welcome.” McGuire stood aside, and they moved downstairs together. Anna

stony, sobering stare, brought Lee back down, back to the place and the time. It was Francis Blair. As Lee reached the porch, Blair turned, without speaking, walked into the house and held the door open for Lee, who followed. Lee was ready with a warm greeting, inquiries about Blair’s son, still in Missouri, but the old man did not speak. He led Lee into a study, a large and impressive room with shelves filled with hundreds of books. Lee looked around the room admiringly, and finally Blair

panic back into the city, pursued by the brutal honesty of death. And so, the rumors had flown. This army of savages was on the brink, ready to overwhelm the decent people of Washington. But the attack hadn’t come, and while Hancock had not expected the rumors to be accurate, he was amazed at the calmness, the jovial mood of the people, still so close to the bloody fields. “Very strange.” He moved around the carriage. Mira took his arm and they went up into the hotel. The man behind the desk

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