Go Go Thomas! / Express Coming Through! (Thomas & Friends)

Go Go Thomas! / Express Coming Through! (Thomas & Friends)

Wilbert Awdry

Language: English

Pages: 5

ISBN: B013J99FW2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With two exciting Thomas & Friends stories, loads of full-color photographs, and more than 50 train stickers, this deluxe storybook offers boys ages 3 to 7 hours of fun and adventure. In Express Coming Through!, Thomas the Tank Engine is asked to pull a train that's way too heavy for him! What now? In Go, Go, Thomas!, Thomas tries to appear in every photo of a book about Sodor's railroad, causing all sorts of trouble. Uh-oh!

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Knapford Station for the party,” he said. “But Sir! I am Gordon, and I pull the Express!” Gordon gasped. Sir Topham explained that Gordon would go to Misty Island to collect heavy cars of jobi wood. “I need a strong engine for the job,” he said. “And you are very strong.” The visitors smiled at Gordon, who puffed proudly. Thomas invited Dowager Hatt aboard the Express. Gordon glared. He was sure that Thomas was not strong enough to pull the Express. Thomas disagreed. “I am Thomas, and I can

“Welcome to Sodor and to my railway,” said Sir Topham. “Some of the engines are really strong. Some are really fast. But they’re all Really Useful!” And Thomas and Gordon hooted and tooted happily. Christmas in Wellsworth Easter in Harwick Halloween in Anopha James and the Red Balloon Misty Island Rescue The Special Delivery Steam Engine Stories Stuck in the Mud* Thomas and the Shooting Star Thomas’ Christmas Delivery Thomas-saurus Rex Track Stars! Trouble in the Tunnel* *A STEP

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flashed. “Bye, Percy,” said Thomas. “Flash, bang, wallop!” Percy was so surprised that he crashed into a siding and then straight into a heap of coal! “Flatten my funnel!” he whistled. But Thomas didn’t see. He was too busy feeling pleased with himself. As Thomas puffed through Maron Station, Gordon thundered by with the Express. “I’m sure Gordon hasn’t been in a picture yet,” Thomas said. Farther down the track, Thomas found the photographer waiting to take a picture of James. “If I wheesh

bubbled. “I must find the photographer. If I hurry, I can be in more pictures than Gordon!” Thomas chuffed along, looking for the photographer. He saw him waiting to take a photograph of Henry, who was about to go through a tunnel. Thomas raced toward the tunnel … just as Henry was huffing in. Thomas whistled, loud and long. The photographer was so surprised that he dropped his camera. It crashed to the track, smashing to smithereens! “My camera!” he cried. “The photographs are ruined!”

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