Andersen Prunty

Language: English

Pages: 206

ISBN: 0982628145

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This darkly offbeat novel opens with the narrator, Wallace Black, as the target of the school bully's violence. After suffering a horrendous beating, Black goes home to his equally abusive family. As a punishment for fighting at school, his mother straps a set of grotesque horns to the top of his head. He is unsure of where the horns came from. They have always been in the house. And they contain a power no one could have expected. Let Andersen Prunty (ZEROSTRATA, MORNING IS DEAD, and THE BEARD) guide you through a sometimes hilarious, sometimes violent and terrifying coming-of-age Midwestern gothic novel.

City of the Rats (Deltora Quest, Book 3)

Trust the Saint (Simon Templar 'The Saint', Book 35)

City of Gold (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow, Book 7)

The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book 3)

Condé Nast Traveler (February 2014)

















Fuckness Copyright © 2011 by Andersen Prunty www.andersenprunty.com Other Titles by Andersen Prunty The Sorrow King Slag Attack My Fake War Morning is Dead The Beard Zerostrata Jack & Mr. Grin The Overwhelming Urge Introduction: Fuckness and The Bad Time My name is Wallace Black. Before I tell you anything about myself I should tell you about the Bad Time. And before I tell you about the Bad Time, I should tell you about my philosophy. Everyone, whether he knows it or not, lives

apparently wanted nothing to do with Uncle Skad. Racecar told me while other boys were off fighting for their country and freedom and all that fuckness, Uncle Skad sat in a cozy institution, faking a disability. The mother didn’t talk to Uncle Skad because Racecar’s reasons were good enough for her. The parents always said Uncle Skad lived in the “flat out most disgusting house in the Tar District.” The Tar District was typically seen as the home of the lowest common denominator. The only

alive it tends to give you a renewed sense of purpose in life.” By the time he was finished, I was very excited and very tired. I shouted, “Hooray, Uncle Skad!” for no reason other than it seemed like a good thing to say. I doubted everything he said was true but, then again, he was glowing and most people would have a hard time believing that. I decided some people live a very real kind of life in their heads. More than anything, I decided I was very tired. I’d done too much of everything

pants unzipped before I even knew what was going on. He dangled his penis over the bowl and gave it a shake. I unzipped my pants and fished around for my penis. I chuckled with the absurdity of it all. Normally my penis was sucked back into the body cavity. That probably came from being so high- strung. I looked down and saw Skad had already started, his piss pretty much the color of the bathroom. I had trouble starting. I’ve always been a little bit pee shy. I almost never went at school

seemed too grand for such a low budget sign. The steeple looked like it was stabbing the moon, jaggedly erect atop the bell tower. Houses sat on either side of the church and, looking around, it was surrounded by a whole tiny town. Farmertown. This was as close to my birth I could get without an uncomfortable proximity to the mother’s vagina. Farmertown was where I was brought home. Standing there, I couldn’t really remember much of my childhood here. Had it been happier than Milltown? I

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