From Hell with Love (The Forsaken Comedy)

From Hell with Love (The Forsaken Comedy)

Kevin Kauffmann

Language: English

Pages: 311

ISBN: 1492759708

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What would you think if someone told you that Lucifer was the father of humanity, most demons and angels began their lives as humans, or that being a good person meant you could still end up in Hell?

What if you fell from grace and found that Hell was not all fire and brimstone?

After his death, Niccolo da Firenze found that he had been damned to Hell, but he quickly realized Lucifer's prison was not what the church had always claimed. His new home was a breath of fresh air, a place where he truly belonged, and it was only a few years before Niccolo rose through the ranks and became the Horseman of Pestilence. Surrounded by new family and friends,accepted even with all of his faults, Niccolo would often forget his part in the coming Apocalypse.

That bliss came to an end once Cadmus, the Horseman of Death, inherits a vision of Lucifer's murder.

And so, with his fellow Horseman by his side, Niccolo begins his frantic journey to uncover a conspiracy involving ancient demons, corrupted humans and even a few gods. For Niccolo, there is far more at stake than the destruction of Hell, far more at stake than losing his home or failing in the Apocalypse. If Cadmus' vision comes true, someone will murder the person who had become a father to Niccolo, who had raised him from the depths and given him hope in the darkness.

This is the story of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and how they rode to save the Devil.

From Hell with Love is the first book in The Forsaken Comedy, the second series from Kevin Kauffmann. Depicting an alternate mythology informed by the Book of Revelations and supplemental texts, the novel strives to create an entertaining and thoughtful read which ties together fantasy, religion and scientific knowledge to create something entirely new.

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his joints popping as he landed on them. As he tried to keep his wits about him, Niccolo was just grateful he had not been torn in half by the dull edge of Ajax’s blade. “See? Why would I respect that?” Ajax teased as he stomped forward, Niccolo’s head still cloudy from the pain. The only thing that saved him was the strength flowing from the beast mentally attached to him. Yeah, hurts like a bitch, doesn’t it? Plague asked, his own voice filled with pain. Niccolo pushed himself off the ground,

with my brother. When faced with eternity, death itself almost becomes…appealing. To be completely honest, children, I am somewhat jealous of my brother. It is only tempered by the fact that Räum had fallen so far from grace, even if we have all fallen in our own way,” the demon trailed off while turning his gaze to the street, clearly affected by memories of the past. “I didn’t mean to offend,” Niccolo stated, which brought the raven’s head back up to look at him. “I did not mean to react in

sat back down where he had been sitting before, laying his staff across his lap and clasping his hands in front of him. After a moment, he looked at his guests and nodded toward the fire. “Would you take a seat? It makes me uncomfortable when everyone else is standing,” he said before looking back into the fire, bringing his hands up underneath his bulbous nose. All three of them looked at each other for a moment before kneeling down and eventually taking a seat. Crocell and Cadmus kept on their

merchant’s son stepped to the man’s left and swung him around, slamming the man’s wrist against the wall of the alley. When Niccolo heard the clink of the blade falling against a rock, he knew that his idea had worked. He jumped down to the ground and scrambled to grab the blade, but almost immediately the merchant was on top of him. Niccolo could feel himself getting lighter and realized that the merchant had grabbed his collar once more and was trying to slam him into the ground. He put out

forward and extending the hand holding his bottle. Already the amount of wine was half what it was when Zagan stumbled over to them. “It’s not even noon,” the blonde demon said with disgust, but the bull-headed king just rolled his eyes and patted Niccolo on the shoulder with his free hand. “You watch out for this one. He is going to make this Council all stuffy and insufferable, that’s what he’s going to do,” he said before lifting the bottle to his lips and turning it over to drain it

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