Flashpoint (The 39 Clues: Unstoppable, Book 4)

Flashpoint (The 39 Clues: Unstoppable, Book 4)

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 110


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tick Tock. Sixteen-year-old Amy Cahill only has few days to live. There’s a poison coursing through her, and her only chance is to collect ingredients for an antidote. Too bad the antidote ingredients are scattered around the world. And too bad that survival is by far Amy’s smallest problem.

The antidote she needs is also the only thing capable of stopping a deadly enemy. J. Rutherford Pierce is on the brink of becoming the most powerful man in the world, and if he does, no one will be safe. Amy and her younger brother, Dan, will do everything it takes to bring Pierce down. Even if Amy must pay the ultimate price

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explain —” Atticus began. “Don’t you open your mouth!” Jake warned. “We’d spend a week in jail before it all got straightened out.” Dan cupped his hands to his mouth. “Hey, officer, look! There’s smoke coming from the temple over there! You’d better go check it out.” They followed his pointing finger to the plume rising from the lower gallery. Two of them ran off, jabbering excitedly into walkie-talkies. Atticus couldn’t hold back a grin. “Galt’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

18 “This is Siem Reap center calling private aircraft P-JW en route from Gander, Newfoundland. . . . You are not cleared for landing. Repeat: not cleared. Please acknowledge.” In the tower, the air traffic controller sat at his radar screen watching the flashing dot that was the approach of a Gulfstream G6 belonging to international superstar Jonah Wizard. The man’s attention was divided between the monitor in front of him and the teenager standing directly behind him — Galt Pierce.

nearest wastebasket. “What an idiot. Who thinks the most all-American thing is clams? Ask the folks in Iowa how many clams they run into in the course of a day.” Sammy was nervous. “This is serious, Nellie. We just blew up this guy’s serum factory, and he knows exactly who we are. If he gets to be president, we’re going to have to form an expedition to colonize Mars.” The two had traded one lab for another. Now they were in an underground facility below the campus of Harvard University in

going into that final battle. How could she place her own well-being above the future of the world? “Once Pierce announces he’s running for president,” Amy tried to explain, “he’ll have Secret Service protection and platoons of journalists following him everywhere he goes. We won’t be able to get near him. That makes the clambake our last chance to derail his freight train. To pull this off, I need to be the way I am now — stronger, faster, and smarter.” Nellie lifted several inches off the

was still the enemy. He ducked behind the tallest shelf, wielding the iron tool like a baseball bat. There he crouched, poised for action, listening for the footfalls of an approaching enemy. The only sound besides his own ragged breathing was the chirping and buzzing of the tropical insects. It was something he’d learned long ago during the search for the 39 Clues — no matter where you were, you were never far from something gross that wanted to bite you. Outside, he heard a plane take off,

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