Five Go to Mystery Moor (Famous Five, Book 13)

Five Go to Mystery Moor (Famous Five, Book 13)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 83

ISBN: 034093171X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mystery Moor isn't called by that name for nothing - as the Five are about to discover! There's something dangerous out there, and the gang mean to find out what it is, but they need some help. The travellers camped on the moor are no use - in fact, they're downright unfriendly. So the Famous Five have no other choice: they'll have to risk the treacherous mists and follow the trail ...But do they know what they've let themselves in for?

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and lettuce, ham - there seemed no end to them! Great slices of cherry cake were added too, and a large, juicy pear each. �I like this kind of cherry cake,’ said Dick, looking at his enormous slice. �The cherries have all gone to the bottom. They make a very nice last mouthful!’ �Any drinks?’ said Henry, and was handed a bottle of ginger-beer. She drank it thirstily. �Why does ginger-beer taste so nice on a picnic?’ she said. �Much nicer than drinking it sitting down in a shop, even if it’s

them all then, but when we have meat or sardine or egg sandwiches Timmy gets as much as we do!’ �Well, surely you don’t mind that, Henrietta,’ said George at once. �You make Timmy sound very greedy. After all, you don’t need to give him any of your sandwiches!’ �Now, Georgina!’ murmured Dick, in her ear, �Sorry, Georgina,’ said Henry, with a grin. �I just can’t help giving him a sandwich or two when he comes and sits down and looks at me so longingly.’ �Woof,’ said Timmy, and at once sat down

I think I’ll just go and have a squint to see if that big lamp is lighted again, down in that pit by the gypsy camp, he thought. He went to the edge of the quarry and climbed up. He looked towards the gypsy camp and gave a sudden exclamation. Yes! he thought. It’s glowing again! I can’t see the lamp, of course, but its light is so jolly powerful that I can easily see the glow it makes. It must be very bright, looked down on from the sky. I wonder if the plane is due to come now that the lamp is

hurt, Timmy! Oh, you poor, poor thing. Who did that to you? You ought to have that wound seen to!’ Timmy certainly had a very outsize headache, but he couldn’t bother to think about that. He gave a little whine and ran to the door and back. �Yes, I know you want me to follow you, but I’ve got to think,’ said Henry. �If Captain Johnson was here I’d go and fetch him. But he’s away for the night, Timmy. And I’m sure Mrs Johnson would have the fright of her life if I fetched her. I simply don’t

followed. George carrying the limp Timmy. But very soon William came to a fork and stopped. �Oh dear - do we go to the left or the right?’ he wondered. Nobody knew. George shone her torch here and there, trying to remember. The beam of light picked up something on the ground nearby. It was two sticks, one short and one long, in the shape of a cross! George gave an exclamation. �Look - a patrin! Left by Sniffer to show us the way out. We have to take the passage that the long stick points to!

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