Five Go Off in a Caravan (Famous Five, Book 5)

Five Go Off in a Caravan (Famous Five, Book 5)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 91

ISBN: B002A4FN60

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A caravan holiday for the Famous Five is bound to be an adventure! And when they stumble across a circus troupe, the gang are thrilled. But some of the circus people have more sinister plans than just clowning around

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on the shady side of the caravan. Barker and Growler sat with Timmy. Pongo sat beside Anne, taking bits of sandwich from her most politely. Nobby enjoyed his tea immensely, eating more sandwiches than anyone and talking all the time with his mouth full. He made the four children yell with laughter. He imitated his Uncle Dan doing some of his clown tricks. He turned cart-wheels all round the caravan while he was waiting for Anne to cut more sandwiches. He stood solemnly on his head and ate a

steal anything,’ she said. ‘I think they were just meeting near here for a secret talk. They didn’t know the caravans were here and walked straight into ours.’ ‘They’re bad-tempered brutes,’ said Julian. ‘And I don’t care what you say, George, I’m going to lock your caravan door tonight. I know you’ve got Timmy � but I’m not running any risk of these men coming back, Timmy or no Timmy.’ Anne was so scared that George consented to let Julian lock the red caravan door. Timmy was locked in with

things. ‘We don’t bother to unpack these when we’re resting in camp like this,’ said Nobby. ‘Don’t need them here. One of my jobs is to help to unpack this stuff when we’re camping to give a show. Have to get out all them benches and set them up in the big top � that’s the circus tent, you know. We’re pretty busy then, I can tell you!’ ‘What’s in this cart?’ asked Anne, coming to a small wagon with a tightly-fitting hood of tarpaulin. ‘Don’t know,’ said Nobby. That cart belongs to my uncle. He

plums up as well, and was very glad of them because he was thirsty. He flicked the plum stones from the roof before he thought what he was doing. ‘Dash! Why did I do that? If the men notice them they may remember they weren’t there before. Still, they’ve most of them gone into the heather!’ The sun came out a little and Julian felt hot. He wished the men would come again and go down the hill. He was tired of lying flat on the hard roof. Also he was terribly sleepy. He yawned silently and shut

rather jealous that another animal should be with them, and wouldn’t take any notice of Pongo at all. The next morning, after breakfast, the children discussed who was to go down to the town. ‘Not Nobby and Pongo, because they wouldn’t be allowed in the bus together,’ said Julian. ‘They had better stay behind.’ ‘Not by ourselves?’ said Nobby, looking alarmed. ‘Suppose Lou and Uncle Dan come up? Even if I’ve got Pongo I’d be scared.’ ‘Well, I’ll stay here, too,’ said Dick. ‘We don’t all need to

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