Fire by Night (Refiner's Fire) (Volume 2)

Fire by Night (Refiner's Fire) (Volume 2)

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0764211919

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Encounter the Civil War through the eyes of two very different Northern girls in this moving, Christy-award-winning novel--now with a brand new look!




















“It seems like ages since I’ve seen you,” he said, his eyes holding hers. “I’m still quite disappointed that we couldn’t have dinner together the last time I was in Washington City. My time was so short.” “I enjoyed our carriage ride, Nathaniel. And I don’t recall missing dinner at all.” “You’re kind. I hope you’ll let me make it up to you. Will you be staying in Philadelphia long?” “I …Yes. That is …I won’t be returning toWashington City.” She felt her smile falter for the first time. Her

enlist. They’d sent her off with their blessings, stuffing her pockets with apples and buttermilk biscuits. But now she thought she just might faint from the heat as she waited in line in the overcrowded storefront office with dozens of young men eager to enlist. Phoebe was so tall she could see clear over the head of the man in line in front of her. And she couldn’t help overhearing the enlisting officer as he bellowed at him. “I have to write you up as ‘4-F’! That means you’re missing your

chance to stay in a home like this, where she was loved. But things were different now. Phoebe wasn’t the same person she was before the war. “I ain’t leaving forever,” she said. “I’ll come back and see you again when the war ends.” “Why do you have to go?” “Because …because love ain’t meant to be kept to ourselves, Ma. It’s meant to be shared.” “But it’s dangerous near those battlefields. I’m afraid for you. What if something happens to you, too?” Phoebe looked down at Ted’s tombstone for a

analyzed the way you live, the life your mother and I have worked hard to give you, and you’ve seen only its faults. What I fear is that you will finally come to appreciate what you’ve been given only after you’ve seen the ugliness in the world—and by then it might be too late. You might have lost your chances for a decent husband and a respectable life.” Julia couldn’t reply. Deep inside she feared the same thing, feared that she was about to make an irreparable mistake. Should she take the

leaves Alexandria tomorrow morning at five o’clock.” “I’ll be there,” she said. Fredericksburg, Virginia December 1862 Julia and James were among the dozens of doctors and nurses who boarded the Mary Jane the next morning to sail forty miles down the Potomac to Aquia Landing. From there it was a much shorter trip by train to Falmouth on the north bank of the Rappahannock. Across the river lay the city of Fredericksburg. Julia saw the city in the fading light that first evening, a sleepy

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