Fifth Formers at St. Clare's (St Clare's, Book 6)

Fifth Formers at St. Clare's (St Clare's, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 117

ISBN: 1405228776

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Miss Cornwallis is mistress of the fifth form. Hilary Wentworth is a calm and dignified head-girl. Being in the fifth form means quite a lot of changes – for example, the girls have got studies of their own now, instead of common rooms and dormitories, the first – and second-formers have got to work for them. For some reason, Mirabel has been made games captain for the school, and Gladys vice captain. It is not explained why or how Mirabel has developed such good sporting abilities, nor is it explained why she is no longer musical. In her first term at St Clare's she was written as a very musical girl, talented at the piano and the violin.

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other day, and all that happened was that Mirabel got angry and shut her up.' ' I have never liked this Mirabel of yours,' remarked Claudine, who had consistently got out of games and gym. whenever she could, all the time she had been at St. Clare's. ' She is always hunting me here, there and everywhere, calling upon me to do this and that.' The girls smiled. Claudine usually found it quite easy to evade people who wanted her to do something she disliked, but few people were so persistent as

when they heard of her exploits. She felt ready to imprison half a dozen more burglars into cupboards and bathrooms if necessary. Mirabel was horrified at being locked in. She had no idea who had turned the key, but thought it was some silly trick of one of the younger girls. So she settled down to wait for the door to be undone. She felt sure no girl would keep her imprisoned all night long. Mam'zelle decided that she would now go to Miss Theobald, as she felt that no policeman would be

chattering, and Anne-Marie had her leg pulled about her sleep-walking. ' How can I help sleep-walking ?' she asked, trying to assume a dignity she did not feel. ' Felicity sleepwalks too, doesn't she ? And you don't laugh at her.' Miss Willcox heard about Anne-Marie's sleep-walking act and laughed too. She even teased her about it in class, which hurt Anne-Marie more than anything, and made her quite determined to get even with Miss Willcox if she could. Felicity did not appear in class that

to worry. Felicity was not to take the exam. A specialist had come from London to see her. He spoke to Miss Theobald very seriously. ' This girl is on the verge of a nervous breakdown,' he said. ' Her mind seems full of music and nothing but music. See how she plays an imaginary violin, and strains to hear the tune. She must do no more work in music for a year.' Miss Theobald nodded. How she wished Felicity's proud parents had not insisted on their gifted girl working for that difficult music

and not very sensitive to the feelings of others. She was always trying to make Alison, Claudine, Angela and Carlotta take more interest in the games, and they were just as determined not to. It annoyed her intensely when they would not turn up at practices she had arranged, or got bored on the field and talked. ' This Mirabel, she is a pest,' complained Claudine to her aunt, Mam'zelle. ' Always she wants me to go to the field and make myself hot and dirty and untidy. Can you not tell her my

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