Fatal Descent (An RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery)

Fatal Descent (An RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery)

Beth Groundwater

Language: English

Pages: 279

ISBN: 0738734829

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Between a rock and a hard paddle

Mandy Tanner and her fiancé Rob are leading an offseason rafting-climbing trip in Utah’s remote Canyonlands. Experienced guides, Mandy and Rob know they have to keep their cool after one of their group, Alex Anderson, appears to have become bear bait. Walled off from the outside world with eleven shell-shocked clients and miles of Colorado River whitewater ahead, Mandy’s nerves threaten to unravel when she learns that Alex’s death was not the work of a homicidal grizzly. Whether it was a crime of passion or the random act of a psychopath, Mandy fears that if they don’t root out the river rat among them, another camper will be running the rapids in a body bag.

“A remarkable book by an author who clearly knows and loves her territory. Don’t miss it!”―William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of the Cork O’Connor series

“Once again, Groundwater, mixing mystery with outdoor adventure, comes up with an excursion that will please most comers.”―Kirkus Reviews

“A thrilling journey . . . filled with river lore, vivid descriptions . . . and loving depictions of the varied characters.”―Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

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made a face, but when he looked around and saw that no one wanted to join him, he shrugged. “I’ll go with the flow if nobody wants to have some fun. Hell, this trip’s been downright boring so far.” Mandy bristled at that, but Rob just forced out a laugh and said, “That’s what relaxation is all about. Glad to know we delivered!” He clapped a bewildered-looking Les on the back and went to wash his hands. Diana approached Mandy while holding her “Americone.” It was half of a large flour

two-inch-deep puddle of water. With a smile, Mandy said, “I hope none of our clients misses having dessert.” “I’m sure they’re happy to be warm and dry,” Rob lifted Mandy’s arm to check her watch. “Even though it’s only eight, I doubt we’ll see anyone until tomorrow morning.” Mandy helped Rob stow the trash and food back on the rafts, then crawled into their tent with him. They stripped off their wet clothes and climbed into their sleeping bags which they zipped together. By then,

finished eating, Mandy dumped her plate in the dishwater and went to work washing the dishes that were already there. When Diana arrived with Hal’s and her dishes, she leaned over to Mandy and said, “I apologize for last night.” Surprised, Mandy took the dishes and asked, “Last night? Why?” “For making you wait on us—in the rain. Hal and I felt guilty about it, but Alice said that’s what we paid for, to have you guides do whatever we need.” “Alice was right,” Mandy said. Technically,

left, a big hole with a huge wave curling over the top of it, ready to pounce on rafts. It was a tricky maneuver, Rob had told her, and it would give their raft passengers a gut-clenching view of Little Niagara they would never forget. Mandy hoped Amy could stomach it. With no place to pull out between Big Drop Two and Three, Rob continued on. Kendra’s and Gonzo’s rafts followed Rob’s expert line and made it through cleanly, then bobbed down to Big Drop Three. Finally, it was Mandy’s

“And the favored son,” his sister quipped. “Nice to meet you, Alice.” Mandy noted the woman’s firm handshake and wiry, athletic build. “Do you live in Omaha, too?” “Yeah.” Not much of a conversationalist. Mandy cocked her head. “What do you do there?” “I’m a PE and health teacher at Marian High School.” “Ah, that makes sense. You look really fit.” Finally a smile appeared on Alice’s face, a little smug one. “Thanks.” Diana leaned in and touched Mandy’s arm. “Both

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