Farm Fresh Fun #2 (Phoebe G. Green)

Farm Fresh Fun #2 (Phoebe G. Green)

Veera Hiranandani

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 044846697X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Gently humorous black-and-white illustrations pair nicely with the text. With all the foodies out there, this delightful series deserves a long shelf life…and many more courses."--Kirkus Reviews

"Fans of Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody . . . will enjoy this."--School Library Journal

"Age-appropriate humor via an outspoken, lovable, take-charge narrator. Dreidemy’s wiggly spot illustrations, meanwhile, supply plenty of nervous energy."--Booklist 

Phoebe’s class is going on a field trip to a farm to learn about where food comes from. Phoebe and her friends can’t wait to collect eggs from chickens, watch goats get milked, pick apples, and help make a farm fresh lunch. But when Phoebe and Sage decide to help goats by opening their gate, a peaceful field trip turns into a wild, noisy adventure. Before long, they learn an important lesson about farm animals—and in telling the truth!


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know!” I said. I didn’t even know goats could be cute. “I want one,” Camille said. “Camille, your parents won’t even let you have a fish,” I replied. Camille looked down. “Maybe if I was extra good, they’d let me.” “You’re always good,” I said. “But you still don’t even have a fish.” I patted her on the back to make her feel better. After Jenna milked Ginger, we each got a paper bag with our name on it. Then Jenna led us up to the apple orchard. An orchard, Farmer Jenna said, is a field of

eggs and milk. Then we made it into a wonderful meal. Now you see all the work that goes into just one lunch.” I took a bite of omelet. The warm goat cheese melted in my mouth. Then I had a forkful of crunchy salad and a spoonful of the sweet, cinnamony applesauce. The tasty buds on my tongue were about to explode in a happy way. “Sage, isn’t this the best cooking party you’ve ever been to?” “It’s pretty good,” Sage said. “But I think it’s much easier to buy hot dogs at the grocery store.”

Then another sheepdog came barking down the hill, nipped at the goats’ heels, and chased them right inside the barn. The farmer quickly locked the gate after them. “Thank goodness!” Mrs. B said. I let out my breath and wanted to hug Sage. But when I looked at him, he looked away. Mrs. B turned to Jenna. “Again, I’m so sorry about this. Sage and Phoebe are good kids. I’m not really sure what got into them.” I’m not sure what got into us, either. “Well, it’s not the first adventure we’ve had

on this farm,” Farmer Jenna said as she straightened her big floppy hat and smiled a little. Then she looked serious again. “But one we could have done without.” Mrs. B led us back to the bus. I saw everyone carrying their bags of apples. I gulped. My apples! I must have lost them during the goat incident. Not only would Mom and Dad be mad at me, but I wouldn’t have any apples to give them. Back on the bus, I sat next to Camille. Sage sat with his friend Will. I told Camille the whole story, and

goat.” Mom took a deep breath. “Well, next time you’re at a farm and you’re worried about an animal, tell the farmer. It’s their farm, their animals, their rules. Got it?” “Got it,” I said quietly. “And just because Sage says you should do something, it doesn’t mean you should. If Sage told you to jump off a bridge, would you?” Mom asked. I thought about it. I remembered a camping trip we took with Sage’s family, and there was a little bridge over a creek. Sage said, “Let’s jump!” And we did.

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