False Horizon (Rogue Angel, Book 29)

False Horizon (Rogue Angel, Book 29)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 170

ISBN: 2:00307154

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A small Nepali man melts into shadows. A cutthroat crime lord is looking for a miraculous cure. And a map to an impossible dream and a mythic paradise is pointing the way.

Archaeologist Annja Creed is in Katmandu, awash in its scents, sounds and liveliness. But this is no sightseeing trip. An old friend is in possession of a map that leads to a place that lies outside our world. But the map is known to one other¿a vicious man who has Annja and her companions right where he wants them. Her hand forced, Annja sets out in search of the fabled Shangri-La¿an expedition of danger and subversion.

And her journey will end only with triumph...or tragedy.

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search.” “I don’t suppose it would do us any good to refuse your kind offer?” Annja asked. Tsing smiled. “That would be tremendously disrespectful of you to do so. And really, I must insist that you use it. At least I know that you will be in good hands.” Mike glanced at Annja. She shrugged. “Seems as though we don’t have any choice in the matter.” “You do have a choice,” Tsing said, “but I’m afraid the other option isn’t nearly as enticing as the one I’ve put before you now.” “What about

contend with up here. Annapurna throws up some ferocious winds and Dhaulagiri is no slouch, either. We take an updraft or wind shear the wrong way and we’re toast.” Annja looked at him. “You’re not doing much to instill me with confidence in your flying abilities, pal.” Mike grinned. “Just being honest with you. Figure I owe you at least that much for putting up with me not telling you about Tsing earlier.” “Forget it. Let’s concentrate on getting this done. We can handle Tsing another time

there was a hidden route through the rock, it would be a useless gesture. She glanced toward the front of the cave. As much as she hated the idea that Tuk might actually have a point with his suggestion that Mike had gone out into the storm, she had to at least satisfy herself that he hadn’t. She looked at Tuk. “Come on.” “Where are we going?” “Outside.” Annja scooped up the jackets and tossed one to Tuk. “Put it on. I’m almost one hundred percent certain that he wouldn’t do this, but in his

come from somewhere out there. And he knew deep in his heart that someday he would return. The previous day had started like any other. He left the tiny apartment he rented and made his way to find breakfast. He’d only traveled ten yards from his home when his instincts sparked up and he knew that someone was watching him. At first, he was worried that one of the drug runners was going to kill him. But he disregarded that notion. Ever since he had started dealing with criminals, he’d taken

good odds. Especially since Tuk was unarmed and they were facing automatic weapons and a top-drawer assassin. Taking the room down would be a challenge even if Tuk had a weapon. But going in there without one was virtually suicidal. “Stay here,” she said. Tuk frowned. “I’m going with you.” Annja shook her head. “I understand that you want to come with me, but you can’t. You don’t have a weapon, and the instant the bullets start flying I won’t be able to protect you. Those soldiers will turn

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