Dogs in the Dead of Night (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Dogs in the Dead of Night (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375867961

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

   The fan-favorite chapter-book series whisks Jack and Annie back in time to the Swiss Alps in search of a rare flower. When they find a monastery where monks and St. Bernards live, Annie offers to train a young dog named Barry. Then Barry runs away, and Jack and Annie have a new task to find Barry! Will he lead them to the mysterious flower? Or into danger?

Mary Pope Osborne brings together just the right combination of history, magic, and fast-paced adventure to satisfy kids, parents, teachers, and librarians all over the world with her New York Times bestselling series.

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uncovered a face: a young man’s face with brown hair matted against white skin, with bloody scratches and bluish lips. Jack remembered being caught in the avalanche and how the dogs had saved him. He barked at Barry, telling him to lick the man’s face. Barry swiped his warm tongue across the man’s eyes and nose and mouth. Barry snuffled and whined and kept licking. He frantically licked the man’s ears and hair. Jack and Annie stood back, watching Barry work to save the avalanche victim. Barry’s

and placed the glacial buttercup between them. Then he handed it to Jack. Jack gently placed the flower at the bottom of his bag. Then Father Laurent led Jack and Annie out of the library. Barry followed them down the hallway. When they reached the front hall, Annie looked at the big dog. “You have to stay here, Barry,” she said. Barry’s tail stopped wagging. “Perhaps he can walk with you part of the way,” said Father Laurent. “Then just send him back to me. I think now that you’ve trained

PUZZLES FROM THE TREE HOUSE This is a work of fiction. All incidents and dialogue, and all characters with the exception of some well-known historical and public figures, are products of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Where real-life historical or public figures appear, the situations, incidents, and dialogues concerning those persons are fictional and are not intended to depict actual events or to change the fictional nature of the work. In all other respects,

one’s here but us. All the monks have left to help the French army.” “We are an advance party, and our officer got separated from us,” said the second soldier. “Consul Napoléon hoped he had made his way here on his own.” “Napoléon?” asked Jack. “First Consul Napoléon Bonaparte,” the soldier said. Oh, man, thought Jack. Napoléon Bonaparte was a famous military leader of France! “When our officer arrives, please tell him to wait for us,” said the man with the mustache. “We will return later.”

Barry!” “Oh, man,” said Jack. He hurried out into the cold, too. “Barry! Barry!” The only sound they heard was the wind whistling over the pass. The only sight was snow flying through the air. “He’s run away!” wailed Annie. “I know it!” “Barry!” Jack called. “He’ll get lost!” said Annie. “Brother Michael said he should never run loose—he’ll get lost and never find his way home!” “He couldn’t have gone far,” said Jack. “Don’t panic. We’ll find him.” Jack and Annie began wandering through

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